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Even though I moved into my rental house back in September, I’ve been holding off on featuring too much of the house because none of the rooms feel complete. Well, I’ve finally realized that they’re never going to be “complete.” So, I may as well just show off what I have managed to do.

Decorating has been quite the challenge after my boyfriend and I moved in together for the first time. Meshing our random assorted furniture together has been…interesting. Especially when he refuses to get rid of things like a really (really!) ugly 70s plaid armchair, but that’s a topic for another time.

Not too long ago, I  revealed how I turned part of an upstairs room into my open closet. (It’s pretty neat.) Well, here’s the other half of the room. The makeshift office.

Home Office |

Any of the furniture we didn’t want downstairs, made its way to this upstairs room. I’ve managed to turn it into something that resembles an office. I’m making do right now, but I have better ideas.

For one, I have big plans for a whole new desk. I hope to get going on that project at some point. I’ve outgrown this midcentury desk with the white and green paint job. I suppose I could repaint the desk, but I’m craving something entirely different. So, right now I’m just making do, trying to make this office look cute with what I have.

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The other side of the room basically just has a bookcase overflowing with books and my typewriter. Another big project on my “to do” list is to organize my craft supplies. I’m not showing you the mess to the left that is my crafty stuff.

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I hope to spend more time here now that I have the room a bit more put together. And maybe I’ll get to tackling those big projects that will take the room from the “making do” office to a creative space where I can get work done.

What do you think of my “making do” office? Do you have any tips for working with the furniture you have to make a space look cute?

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