Making a Spring ‘To Do’ List

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After a winter that feels like it has hung around forever, I’m more than ready for spring. Spring is a time for planning and projects. For dreaming and getting stuff done. For freshening, sprucing, decorating and digging your hands in the dirt.

Doesn’t the thought of spring just make you smile? I’m ready to garden and paint furniture outside and take long walks on warm evenings. I’m ready to sit in my sunroom and listen to the sounds of a spring thunderstorm. Ah. Can you feel it? Spring is almost here!

March 20 is the official first day of spring. That means right now is the perfect time to make plans for spring, while winter still lingers just a bit longer. What are you going to accomplish?

Making a spring ‘to do’ list helps me remember all of the ideas whirling around in my head. And, it gets me even more excited for spring. (If that’s possible?) How about you make a spring ‘to do’ list with me? It’s fun; I promise. Go on and dig out a pretty piece of paper and get to writing your ‘to do’s. Dream big! It’s almost springtime, the season of new beginnings.

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Here’s my mess of ideas that I’m calling my ‘to do’ list.

My spring ‘to do’ list:

Start seeds in newspaper pots
Grow flowers from seeds
Paint dining room chairs
Paint nightstand
Reupholster chair
Organize photos
Start Project Life scrapbook
Redecorate mantle
Hang artwork
Decorate the sunroom
Keep a gardening journal

What do you have going on this spring? Share your ‘to do’ list in the comments! 

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