Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Decorating Ideas | redleafstyle.com

Springtime is practically here. Can you feel it?

I can’t. Mother Earth decided to celebrate the first few days of spring by dumping Kansas City with four to six inches of snow. Still, I can imagine what the lovely spring weather will feel like soon—and I can decorate my home to prepare!

Here are a few simple ways you can create springtime cheerfulness in your home.


Decorate with flowers

Pretty Yellow Flowers | redleafstyle.com

What could remind you of spring more than flowers? Pretty spring blossoms just make a room feel happy. Grab a bunch at your local farmer’s market and split up the blooms to fill several vases. That way you can enjoy flowers all around your home! Want to make your blooms even more spring like? Use metal pails, pitchers and milk glass vases to hold your flowers.


Use woven baskets

Decorate with woven baskets for spring. | redleafstyle.comCute Doggie | redleafstyle.com

Baskets are so completely spring-like. They remind me of Easter egg hunts and spring harvests. Use pretty woven baskets as easy accents in your home. They’re perfect for corralling all types of items. Right now I’m using a couple woven baskets by the front door to hold rain boots and umbrellas. Another one rests near my couch brimming with blankets. Place them all around your home, wherever you need a little organization.


Create an eggshell centerpiece

Make a simple centerpiece with eggshells and flowers. | redleafstyle.com

Embellish your table with this easy eggshell centerpiece. It’s just egg-centric enough without going over the top. To make this centerpiece, simply save your eggshells until you have a carton-full. (Don’t forget to save the carton.) Then, plop one pretty bloom (along with a little water) into each shell. Voilà. A pretty centerpiece for your spring table.


Bring out the bird decor

Use simple bird accents to decorate your home for spring. | redleafstyle.com

Celebrate the coming of spring when you hear the birds chirping by using a few birdie accents in your home. They don’t need to be anything crazy. Just something small and simple. I love this sweet vintage bird hanger that I use to hold keys by my front door.


Mix in yellow

Energize your home by painting an accent piece of furniture yellow. | redleafstyle.com

Energize your home to match the spring season by painting a piece of furniture yellow! Or, at least by incorporating a little yellow in your home somewhere. I love this color and am debating painting an end table this sunny yellow.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for spring? Tell me about it in the comments.


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