Cute Portland Apartment Bedroom

Over the past few days, I visited Portland, Oregon for a fun long weekend with friends. We spent the time shopping, trying out microbreweries and drinking a lot of coffee. We rented an adorable apartment to stay in. It was an old house that had been converted into apartments. Exactly my kind of style. Check out the cute pink, blue and yellow bedroom. Do you think the apartment is as adorable as I do? Want to see the rest of the apartment? Check out the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Keep up with Red Leaf Style! Follow Red Leaf Style author Kirsten Hudson on Twitter @kirsten_hudson, Google+ and Pinterest. This is the seventeenth post in a 31 days blog series called 31 Days of Reimagining. Start from the beginning.

The Secret to Making Your Bed Every Day

If you’re like me, it’s a struggle just to get out of that comfy bed in the morning, let alone make it. On those days when I do actually manage to put the sheets back in order, smooth out the comforter and fluff the pillows, I’m always happy that I did take the time to make my bed. I love the feeling of contentment it brings. My day seems to start on a more calm—and ordered note—whenever I make my bed. And, I immediately feel productive. It even makes a stressful day seem a tad better when I come home to a bed that’s in order. Apparently making your bed every day doesn’t only bring contentment; it might actually make you happy. In The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, she discusses the happiness benefits of making your bed every day. She even wrote about this idea again on her blog because she has gotten such great responses from people who find that their favorite “happiness project” is simply making the bed every day. The thing is, not everyone likes to fully make the bed. Personally, I all out make my bed with sheets tucked in, comforter pulled up and blankets

Mix-n-Match Your Way to Your Favorite Bedding

I have a thing for mixing old and new in my home. Take the bedroom. Layered on top of my 3-year-old Target comforter is an I-don’t-know-how-old handmade quilt. Vintage and modern. Something about the mix of the hand stitched quilt and the contemporary-patterned comforter just works for me. Pairing the modern comforter with the old world quilt creates an overall look that feels more texture-ized and comfy. It’s not as “flat” as either one of the pieces by themselves. And, even though the colors of the quilt and comforter don’t exactly “match”, they do work with each other. Like friends. Even in their distinct differentness, they’re both similar-hued and neither overpowers the other. So, what about you and your bed? You can use this same idea of mix-n-matching with your own bed. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a mixture of old and new. Just think about combining opposites. Pair a simple white duvet with a rich faux fur throw. Layer a plain yellow bedspread over polka dot sheets. Drape a ruffled throw over a smooth duvet. Anytime you look at the beds in magazines, they’re all decked out in blankets, shams, duvets and sheets in different textures, similar-style patterns,

5 Ideas For Vintage-Inspired Headboards

Blue vintage bed headboard.

With the right headboard to frame your bed, you can change the whole look of your bedroom. Whether your décor just feels blah or you love your current style but need a little extra drama, a “new” headboard can freshen up your bedroom. Create an eye- catching focal point in your bedroom with these five headboard ideas. They all use vintage or salvaged items to craft stunning headboards that are do-it-yourself easy. Rustic wooden planks image: House Tweaking Talk about a freebie headboard. Reclaim some old planks from a neighbor’s torn down fence, salvage yards, secondhand stores…wherever you can find them. Leave the boards in their weathered state or stain them in a hue you like. Then, simply nail them together in a pattern of your choosing above your bed. They’ll give off a rustic feel, and can look especially eye-catching with a simple message painted against the grain. An old door image: CAPow! This idea is a-door-able. (Yeah, I went there.) Simply flip an old door on its side and mount it to the wall directly above your bed. You can do whatever you want style-wise with this easy door headboard—paint it, leave it in the same shape you found

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