The Secret to Making Your Bed Every Day

The Secret to Making Your Bed Every Day |

If you’re like me, it’s a struggle just to get out of that comfy bed in the morning, let alone make it. On those days when I do actually manage to put the sheets back in order, smooth out the comforter and fluff the pillows, I’m always happy that I did take the time to make my bed.

I love the feeling of contentment it brings. My day seems to start on a more calm—and ordered note—whenever I make my bed. And, I immediately feel productive. It even makes a stressful day seem a tad better when I come home to a bed that’s in order.

Apparently making your bed every day doesn’t only bring contentment; it might actually make you happy. In The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, she discusses the happiness benefits of making your bed every day. She even wrote about this idea again on her blog because she has gotten such great responses from people who find that their favorite “happiness project” is simply making the bed every day.

The thing is, not everyone likes to fully make the bed. Personally, I all out make my bed with sheets tucked in, comforter pulled up and blankets perfectly folded. Because I’m detail-crazy. But, maybe that doesn’t work for you. Maybe the idea of a perfectly made bed irks you. So…

Want in on a secret?

Make the bed that makes you happy. Simple as that. Maybe you just want to pull the covers up and fold them over, that way you can climb straight in without any fuss. Or, maybe you just line up the pillows. Your home is for you to be happy in, not anyone else. So, don’t worry about making the bed the way you think it should be made. Do it the way that you love, and then you’ll actually want to make it every day.

How do you make your bed? I’d love to hear your thoughts on making the bed every day in the comments…

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