This Is the Absolute Best Time to Put Up Christmas Decorations

How to Decide When to Decorate for Christmas Without Stressing |

Inside: Is decking the halls stressing you out? Here’s the easiest way to decide when to decorate for Christmas. Every year, the great debate begins. When to put up the Christmas decorations. People have decided opinions about when to start decorating for the holidays. Too early and you’re labeled a fanatic. Too late and you have less Christmas spirit than Scrooge. But how soon is too soon? And, how late is too late? Usually, I ponder this question when munching on leftover Halloween candy. See I never stay in my own home for Thanksgiving. That means no day after Thanksgiving holiday decorating. And by the time I return home on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I feel like I’ve lost precious holiday decorating time. But that pile of laundry won’t clean itself no matter how long I stare at it with Matilda eyes. And if I drag the Christmas tree from the garage that evening, we all know that box will sit unopened in the hall for at least a few days. So, do I wait until the following weekend to start decorating? Turning Christmas decorating into a weekend project makes sense. But then I’ll lose an entire week of enjoying

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

Fall is here! Bring on the fall boots and pumpkin spice lattes. The pumpkins and the gourds. The apple cider and the cozy scarves. We have to celebrate this season because it’ll be gone before you know it. Somehow Christmas seems to get closer every year. Am I right? The holidays usually crowd fall out of the picture too quickly. Decorating for fall is such a happy time. I like the shift in the seasons. It always indicates a fresh start. And I start to wonder what the new season holds. Are you itching to make your home feel ready for the new season? Guests will come to stay soon. Chilly nights are here. It’s time to make everything feel cozy. You probably don’t need a list of reasons to love fall, but just for fun, here are 21 reasons fall is the best season. 1. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins You can’t have fall without pumpkins. Whether you’re picking one from a pumpkin patch or grabbing them at your local grocery store, they’re the ultimate décor to dress up your house or porch. 2. Unconventional pumpkins Move over orange pumpkins. You can easily find green pumpkins, white pumpkins, warty pumpkins and

Home Tour: Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen. I wasn’t planning to show off this outdated room in my rental house. But I realized something. When you rent, one of the main challenges is working with imperfections. And I may as well as show you how I make this room work. (Because it has a lot of imperfections.) Renters, I know you feel my pain. I can’t paint the walls or replace the linoleum floor. I can’t update the stove or redo the cabinets. So, I make it cute with what I can. A pretty rug. A well-placed plant. A splashy apron. Call attention to pretty things and you won’t notice the imperfections as much. Do you have a kitchen that you’re making work? What do you do to make it look good? Tell me about it in the comments! Keep Up With Red Leaf Style! Follow Red Leaf Style author Kirsten Hudson on Twitter @kirsten_hudson, Google+ and Pinterest.

Favorite Weekend Things

Weekends are for relaxing and putzing around my house. I usually always have some kind of decorating mess going on. I flit between projects with about as much concentration as my dog chewing on her wide array of bones. Neither one of us can seem to choose what we want to work on. But this weekend was beautiful with all kinds of gorgeous sunlight streaming through the windows and I couldn’t have been happier just messing around. And boy did I have a mess. There was potting soil. There was artwork. There were cleaning supplies, coupons and newspapers. Here are a few photos I captured of the weekend. Andi dog and I are both trying to decide what we want to work on. I picked up that green chair (and a bunch of other goodies!) at an estate sale this weekend. For now, it’s living here by the T.V. I (finally!) ordered custom photo mats to frame these scientific posters I bought in Sweden almost a year ago. I can’t wait to hang them! One of my new favorite beverages is this spiced chai tea from Trader Joe’s. (That pile of clothes to the right is freshly folded laundry. It

The ‘Making Do’ Office

Even though I moved into my rental house back in September, I’ve been holding off on featuring too much of the house because none of the rooms feel complete. Well, I’ve finally realized that they’re never going to be “complete.” So, I may as well just show off what I have managed to do. Decorating has been quite the challenge after my boyfriend and I moved in together for the first time. Meshing our random assorted furniture together has been…interesting. Especially when he refuses to get rid of things like a really (really!) ugly 70s plaid armchair, but that’s a topic for another time. Not too long ago, I  revealed how I turned part of an upstairs room into my open closet. (It’s pretty neat.) Well, here’s the other half of the room. The makeshift office. Any of the furniture we didn’t want downstairs, made its way to this upstairs room. I’ve managed to turn it into something that resembles an office. I’m making do right now, but I have better ideas. For one, I have big plans for a whole new desk. I hope to get going on that project at some point. I’ve outgrown this midcentury desk with the

Decorating with Greenery

If you lack a green thumb but like the look of houseplants, then you’ll want to use this simple trick. This is by far the easiest (and cheapest) way to add some green to your home. You don’t have to buy plants. You don’t have to buy flowers. You don’t have to grow anything. Ready? Huh? Huh? Here’s what you need to do. Go outside. (Bring scissors.) Snip some trimmings from evergreen plants in your yard (or a nearby park). Run inside so the neighbors don’t see some crazy lady trimming bushes in her slippers. Or, is that just what I looked like? Once safely inside, slip your trimmings into your favorite mason jars or vases. You’ll get the “look” of luscious green plants without having to give the TLC required to keep them alive. I’m getting a lot better at keeping my houseplants alive. But I like the ease of just heading outside to snip a bit of greenery and using the trimmings to decorate my home. When I’m craving something fresh in my house, but I can’t really justify the unnecessary expense of buying flowers, this is the perfect solution! This is about as easy as it gets,

Closet Makeover Reveal

When my boyfriend and I moved into a rental house back in September, he promptly took over both closets on the main floor. Really, he just put his clothes somewhere to get them out of the way. We were tripping over boxes, each other and the dog we had so much stuff everywhere. But as time passed, his clothes stayed in the closets. And I got tired of living out of a suitcase. So, I turned the upstairs room into this… Dream closet! Really it’s a mishmash of furniture that couldn’t fit elsewhere in the house. But look how great it turned out. Girl dream room. The clothes racks are my favorite part of the room. They make the it look like a store, and I get to go shopping every morning! They’re also my favs because I was determined to find cute clothes racks—for cheap!—and I did. I found one of the clothes racks at a fancy-schmancy estate sale. It was holding (way) overpriced clothes and wasn’t marked as “for sale.” I asked anyway and offered $10. Sold! The other I found by placing a wanted ad on Craigslist. Scored that one for $15. Not bad considering that at

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