Weekend Finds: Junk-to-Treasure Estate Sale

Fabric remnants | redleafstyle.com

I hadn’t planned on checking out any estate sales this weekend, but I drove by an estate sale sign on Saturday so, of course, I had to stop.

I’m sure the sale was great when it started on Thursday, but as of Saturday it was slim pickings. Don’t get me wrong. Usually I like junk. But, I like what I call, “good junk.” These are items that have the potential to be awesome but you can’t see it right away. Maybe because the item is covered in dirt or a bad paint job. Think chairs with a good structure but chipped paint or a picture frame without the glass. That’s “good junk.”

What was left at this sale was just junk. (Or, really expensive items.) I thought I was going to leave empty-handed until I dug through a pile of fabric and pulled out a few sweet swatches. I love how they all go together. And, I also grabbed a small glass jar.

Here’s what I found:
Five fabric remnants: $3.75
Glass apothecary jar with lid: $1

Gingham and polka dot fabric | redleafstyle.comPolka dot fabric remnants | redleafstyle.com

The estate sale was held by one of my favorite estate sale companies in the Kansas City area, Brown Button Estate Sales. Let me tell you, they know how to run a sale. You can’t miss the dozens of signs they put up pointing you toward the sale. They know how to organize. They accept debit cards and they even ring you up on an iPad. Snazzy! And, they have a cute name.

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What do you think of my finds this weekend? Tell me all about your recent estate sale treasures in the comments!

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