17 Reasons to Love Fall Mums

17 Reasons to Love Fall Mums | redleafstyle.com

It’s the season for mum madness. When everyone is going pumpkin crazy, sipping pumpkin spice lattes and eating pumpkin everything, there’s a certain set of us who are going wild for mums, too.

These charming flowers add so much vibrancy to a home during fall. They’re festive and fun and you can’t do fall without them.

Plus, you don’t need to have a big house to enjoy them. Even if you have one small potted mum sitting on your apartment balcony, that’s enough to get the fall feeling.

You probably don’t need a list of reasons to love fall mums, but just for fun, here are 17 reasons to adore these fall flower favorites.

1. They signal fall
When you start seeing fall mums popping up in grocery stores, nurseries and hardware stores, you know it’s true: Fall is here!

2. They come in fall-tastic colors
Burnt orange. Deep burgundy. Cheery yellow. Mums come in a variety of perfect-for-fall colors. The hard part is choosing what colors you want. (I usually end up buying several of each color.)

3. They come in purple, too
Not a fan of fall colors? Don’t worry. Fall mums even come in purple. From light lavender to rich eggplant tones, they come in all manner of purple hues. Pair them with pink and white mums for a coordinated look.

4. They’re easy to care for
Potted mums are low-maintenance plants that just require a little TLC. Plant them in well-drained soil and keep the soil moist. They also prefer full sun. But really, mums aren’t a very picky plant.

17 Reasons to Love Fall Mums | redleafstyle.com

5. They last
Depending on where you live, your fall mums should last several months. I live in the Midwest and mine go on full display from September through November. When buying your mums, choose mums with unopened blooms. This may be contrary to what you want at the moment—pretty full flowers—but the plants will last much longer if you choose buds that haven’t opened yet. Plus, as perennials, fall mums will regrow next year. Score!

6. They’re cheery
Can you even look at a mum without smiling? Their cheery blossoms just make you smitten. And, if you keep potted mums on your porch, they’ll give everyone who passes by your cheery stoop a boost.

7. They’re great décor
Mums are the perfect flowers to add to your fall displays. They complement pumpkins and gourds well, making them a no-brainer addition to a harvest display. You could even use them indoors for a one-time dinner centerpiece and then transplant them to containers outside for the rest of the season.

8. They look good with pumpkins
Pumpkins and mums. Mums and pumpkins. Can you have a fall display without one or the other? Of course not! Fall mums and pumpkins are two peas in a pod.

If you want to get really serious about pairing the two, carve out the inside of a pumpkin and use the pumpkin as a vase for a bouquet of mums.

17 Reasons to Love Fall Mums | redleafstyle.com

9. They dress up your porch
Get your porch ready for the season with mums galore. Mums do well in containers, so decorate your porch by planting mums in a variety of containers. Think beyond terracotta pots. Add a rustic chic look to your front porch by planting mums in wooden barrels, metal buckets, apple baskets or wooden boxes.

Once planted, cluster your potted mums in corners of your porch. They also look particularly good on porch steps. Place one on each step to create a welcoming effect.

10. They’re inexpensive
All plants tend to be a budget-friendly way of adding some life to your home. Mums are no different. These babies are inexpensive, and right now is when you can usually find some good deals on mums. I scored mine for $1.50 each recently.

11. They transition well
Mums are decorating staples that last throughout the fall season. They make sense for displays—inside and outside—during early fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. With just a few tweeks, like adding in some fake cobwebs or spooky fake spiders, rats or crows, your display of mums on your porch is ready for Halloween. Then swap the gore for gourds and you’re ready for Thanksgiving.

12. They’re a classic
You can’t go wrong with mums. They’re a plant that isn’t going out of style. Even if you leave them in the same plastic pot they came in when you bought them—and do nothing else—they’ll make your porch, living room or kitchen look like you took the time to get festive.

17 Reasons to Love Fall Mums | redleafstyle.com

13. They’re great for decorating indoors
Mums aren’t just for outdoor decorating. They add texture and a pop of color to inside spaces, too. Place a few potted mums in—or near—your fireplace hearth; add them in bare corners of rooms; or line a few smaller mums on your dining room table for an easy centerpiece.

14. They’re a natural element
Rooms can feel stale without some kind of natural element in them. Decorating with mums indoors can add much-needed life to a space. And, once you no longer want the mums inside, feel free to transfer them outside.

15. They make easy arrangements
Snip off a few stray stems from your potted mums to make elegant flower arrangements for your home. I like to use small simple vases, like clear glass bottles or skinny milk glass vases, to hold just a few mum blossoms.

17 Reasons to Love Fall Mums | redleafstyle.com

16. They look great with burlap
Dress up your potted mums by wrapping the pot in burlap. The burlap just takes the look to the next level—and it’s super simple.

17. They’re festive
Mums get you in the mood for fall. They’re festive, fun and iconic. I’m a big believer in celebrating the changing seasons and adding mums to your home is a great way to bid farewell to summer and say hello to fall.

Every season is a fresh start. Incorporating a few potted mums into your home will encourage you to start the transition to fall. Enjoy the change!

17 Reasons to Love Fall Mums | redleafstyle.com

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