How to Make the Ultimate Fall Burlap Door Wreath

How to Make the Ultimate Fall Burlap Door Wreath |

If you’re like me, a burlap wreath DIY project will put you right in the fall mood.

So you light a pumpkin spice latte candle. You pour apple cider donut coffee into your “Happy Fall!” mug. You are decked out and ready to make a fall wreath. But what kind of wreath should you make? You’ve probably seen burlap door wreaths galore on Pinterest and Instagram. Should you make a burlap wreath with ribbon wound through it? A burlap wreath with flowers? One made from a dryer vent? Oh wait. Don’t do that one.

A Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch

The front porch is the welcome center to your home. You see it every time you leave and it’s there, welcoming you, after a long day at work. Shouldn’t your front porch feel warm and friendly? And, what better time to spruce up your front porch than when guests start arriving? After all, it’s that time of year. Fall gatherings. Football watch parties. Thanksgiving. Before fall’s over (why does it happen so fast!?) I wanted to share my front porch all decked out for autumn. Dressed up with just a few fall essentials, my front porch is bright, happy and welcoming. Add some fall mums In pops of bright yellow and deep burgundy, fall mums add festive fall color to your front stoop. Pop the plants into unexpected containers, like woven baskets or my plastic pumpkin planters, and your plants will be anything but boring. Bring on the pumpkins No fall porch is complete without a display of pumpkins. Orange and white pumpkins keep it classic, but you could also add in green pumpkins or warty pumpkins. A place to sit If you have the space, a simple wooden bench makes the perfect spot to plop down, read a book,

Easy Plastic Pumpkin Planter

Those iconic black and orange plastic pumpkin candy buckets are good for more than just trick-or-treaters. Use the candy buckets to decorate your front porch for Halloween. With just a little DIY magic, you can transform those $1 plastic buckets into planters. Brimming with fall mums, they make an unexpected addition to your outdoor décor. A simple coat of spray paint dresses up the plastic buckets, giving them a more elegant—and neutral look. I chose a simple bright white spray paint, but they’d also look lovely painted a metallic, like gold, silver or copper. A dark brown-gray is also a stylish option. And, when Halloween’s over, just turn the jack-o-lantern faces toward the wall and you’ll have simple pumpkin planters on your doorstep ready to greet Thanksgiving guests. These plastic pumpkin planters couldn’t be easier to make. If you can wield a can of spray paint, then you can complete this project. Here are the supplies you’ll need. What you’ll need: – Plastic pumpkin buckets (I used two) – Spray paint (I used white) – Fall mums (I chose a deep burgundy color) – Potting soil Ready to make your plastic pumpkin planters? Here’s how. Step 1: Spray paint your

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

Fall is here! Bring on the fall boots and pumpkin spice lattes. The pumpkins and the gourds. The apple cider and the cozy scarves. We have to celebrate this season because it’ll be gone before you know it. Somehow Christmas seems to get closer every year. Am I right? The holidays usually crowd fall out of the picture too quickly. Decorating for fall is such a happy time. I like the shift in the seasons. It always indicates a fresh start. And I start to wonder what the new season holds. Are you itching to make your home feel ready for the new season? Guests will come to stay soon. Chilly nights are here. It’s time to make everything feel cozy. You probably don’t need a list of reasons to love fall, but just for fun, here are 21 reasons fall is the best season. 1. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins You can’t have fall without pumpkins. Whether you’re picking one from a pumpkin patch or grabbing them at your local grocery store, they’re the ultimate décor to dress up your house or porch. 2. Unconventional pumpkins Move over orange pumpkins. You can easily find green pumpkins, white pumpkins, warty pumpkins and

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths

Don’t devour that whole bag of candy corn just yet. You might want to save some to make these cute mini candy corn wreaths. This simple home décor project transforms the iconic Halloween treat into fall décor for your home. Add a touch of festivity (and fun!) to your Halloween or fall displays with these super simple wreaths. And, because they’re not too Halloween-themed, you can even keep them up through Thanksgiving. Dress up your house with these festive mini candy corn wreaths. Here’s how to make them. You’ll need just a few supplies to get started. The main supplies are just candy corn and mason jar lids. (You’ll also need your trusty hot glue gun.) What you’ll need: – Candy corn – Mason jar lids (I used Wide Mouth lids.) – Hot glue gun – Twine Making a mini candy corn wreath is pretty straightforward. Simply, start hot gluing your candy corn kernels around the top of the rim. (I used Wide Mouth mason jar rims.) Arrange the kernels so that they all face in the same direction. Doing so will keep the wreath looking uniform instead of haphazard. Angle the kernels slightly. This ensures that you fully cover up the

Candy Corn Pumpkin Art

People have big opinions about candy corn. Some people love it. Some hate it. I like to decorate with it. Whether you eat the stuff by the bag full or wouldn’t touch it, candy corn is an iconic candy of the fall season. And I challenged myself to turn this beloved Halloween treat into a sweet decorating project. Candy corn is tricky to decorate with because there aren’t a lot of ideas out there beyond filling up glass vases or jars with the candy. If you look on Pinterest, there are tons of projects that mimic candy corn—pinecones painted like candy corn, pumpkins painted like candy corn, wine bottles painted like candy corn—but not many that actually use candy corn. I had a bag of Brach’s Indian Corn on hand, which is different from traditional candy corn because it has a chocolate brown color on the end instead of bright yellow. And, I think that brown color is what actually ended up giving me the inspiration for this candy corn pumpkin art project. After staring at the candy a long time trying to come up with an idea that hadn’t been pinned a million times already, I think the orange and

How to Make the Ultimate Concrete Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween

How to Make a Concrete Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween |

Inside: Create spooky-chic Halloween décor for your front porch when you conjure up a concrete jack-o-lantern. Do orange and black make you scowl like a wicked witch? I feel ya friend. The traditional colors of Halloween don’t mesh well with my decorating style. (Gimme all the neutrals!) Don’t get me wrong. I still like to celebrate All Hallows Eve. But you can celebrate the spirit of the holiday without the cheesy colors. I’m always on the lookout for less-spooky-and-more-chic Halloween décor. No fake cobwebs and skeletons for this girl. (I’ll save those for a party.) But even I agree you can’t have Halloween without carved pumpkins. So if you could make a more stylish jack-o-lantern, would you? Here’s The Best Way to Make a Stylish Concrete Pumpkin When it comes to jack-o-lanterns, who says they have to be orange? Or real pumpkins for that matter? A jack-o-lantern made from concrete adds a surprising and stylish touch to your front porch. Why concrete? As an inexpensive and low-maintenance material, it works well for DIY projects. And, it’s trendy. You’ve probably seen polished concrete floors all over Instagram. And, concrete kitchen counters taking over Pinterest. Why not start your concrete adventure with

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