Mix-n-Match Your Way to Your Favorite Bedding

Mix n Match Your Way to Your Favorite Bedding | redleafstyle.com

I have a thing for mixing old and new in my home. Take the bedroom. Layered on top of my 3-year-old Target comforter is an I-don’t-know-how-old handmade quilt. Vintage and modern. Something about the mix of the hand stitched quilt and the contemporary-patterned comforter just works for me.

Pairing the modern comforter with the old world quilt creates an overall look that feels more texture-ized and comfy. It’s not as “flat” as either one of the pieces by themselves. And, even though the colors of the quilt and comforter don’t exactly “match”, they do work with each other. Like friends. Even in their distinct differentness, they’re both similar-hued and neither overpowers the other.

So, what about you and your bed?

You can use this same idea of mix-n-matching with your own bed. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a mixture of old and new. Just think about combining opposites. Pair a simple white duvet with a rich faux fur throw. Layer a plain yellow bedspread over polka dot sheets. Drape a ruffled throw over a smooth duvet.

Anytime you look at the beds in magazines, they’re all decked out in blankets, shams, duvets and sheets in different textures, similar-style patterns, and various fabrics. All of those layers (even if they’re just visual) make the bed look all fluffy and snug, and wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just crawl into the magazine and take a nap? Transform your own bed into a comfy wonder by layering opposites.

What do you love about your own bedding? Do you like layers and mixing fabrics, colors or textures? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments…

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