Happy Thanksgiving 2015!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying time with loved ones and getting uncomfortably full on turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and all the other fixings.

If I sound a bit like I’m drooling, it’s because I haven’t had Thanksgiving dinner yet. I’m visiting my boyfriend in Colorado and we decided the day of (today!) to cook a Thanksgiving meal. The grocery store was out of fresh turkeys, so we have a chicken in the oven.

A store-bought pumpkin pie, rolls and a bottle of merlot are waiting patiently.


I haven’t even gobbled up my Thanksgiving food yet and my thoughts are already turning to Christmas decorating. Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? If I’m being honest, thinking about Christmas decorating is distracting me from some harder thoughts that need to be sorted out.

But today’s a day for being thankful for what’s here and now. And hopeful that there will be much to be thankful for in the future.

Here’s to a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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