Easy Yarn Twig Décor

Easy Yarn Twig Décor | redleafstyle.com

Maybe you have this conundrum too. You have a bunch of vases you love, but keeping them filled with fresh flowers just isn’t in the budget.

Vases are all over my house. I kinda didn’t realize just how many until I started writing this post. I have skinny mini milk glass vases. Pottery. Mason jars. Glass vases. Bottles. They’re everywhere!

I like the height they add to vignettes and displays. And, a unique vase just seems to complement any room.

Because I like to keep so many vases out and about, I’m always searching for creative solutions for what to put in them. I’m not a huge fan of fake flowers, although some do work. I tend to go for more natural (and typically free) items to fill my vases, like feathers, pinecones, and cedar sticks. Maybe that sounds weird, but these items last, well, forever, and they add visual interest.

While trying to come up with something new to fill a vase in my living room, I thought of twigs. I’ve used them before in vases just as is. Straight from the backyard to the vase. (Like farm-to-table, but twig-to-vase.)

But this time, I wanted something different. Painting them was an option, (twigs spray painted white or a bright color would look really neat!), but I wanted something with more texture. Then, I thought of wrapping twine or yarn around the twig to change the look. And that’s what I did.

Easy Yarn Twig Décor | redleafstyle.com

All you need for this project is yarn or twine, hot glue and some twigs. There’s really not a lot to it. Just start wrapping and gluing. Make sure you don’t have any gaps, and have patience. It takes a little while.

Easy Yarn Twig Décor | redleafstyle.com

Make sure to also wrap all of the little knobs and mini branches that stick out from the main twig. These extra bits really add to the look.

Easy Yarn Twig Décor | redleafstyle.comEasy Yarn Twig Décor | redleafstyle.com

I mixed it up and wrapped twigs in two different types of neutral-themed yarn, and I also wrapped a few in twine. The twine was a little harder to work with because it’s thinner, which led to a couple of burnt fingertips when I tried to press the twine down over the glue. But I really like the “earthy” look of the twine, especially alongside the twigs wrapped in the softer yarn. It was worth the pain. (Some people say beauty is pain, but for me, it’s decorating that’s worth it!)

Easy Yarn Twig Décor | redleafstyle.com

I really love how these yarn-wrapped twigs turned out. And if you already have yarn and a hot glue gun, this project is practically free!

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