Easy Recycled Boot Shapers (Using Wine Bottles!)

Hold up boots with wine bottles | redleafstyle.com

Boot shapers help keep your boots looking good. When your tall boots slump over, it wears them down. Not to mention that your slouchy boots take up valuable space in your closet when they don’t stand up straight. But you don’t need to buy store-bought boot shapers. Get your shoes organized and add storage space to your closet when you use wine bottles (yes, wine bottles!) to help hold your boots’ shape.

Empty wine bottles are the perfect size to slip into your boots to keep them standing tall. You can also try beer bottles for shorter boots. Just dig through your recycle bin and see what you have. That’s what I did! Now my shoes look much more organized. If you don’t have enough wine bottles, well it’s a good excuse to get drinking isn’t it?

Hold up boots with wine bottles | redleafstyle.comUse wine bottles to hold up boots | redleafstyle.com

What do you think? Would you use wine bottles to keep your boots upright? Do you have any other tricks to maintain your boots’ shape?

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