Reflecting on 31 Days

Reflecting on 31 Days |

Whew. I can’t believe the 31 days challenge is over. I took the challenge to post about one topic every day in October here on Red Leaf Style. I may have cheated a little. Not every post completely relates to my original topic: 31 Days of Regimagining. And, I didn’t exactly post every single day. I kept up really well until around the halfway mark when I took a trip to Portland, Oregon. Then, I didn’t post a few days and I had to play catch up. Still, I’m really proud of myself for doing what I was able to do. Here’s what I learned about blogging and my home this month.

1. Get creative

I learned that not every single blog post I write has to be a 700 word, perfectly written blog post with five gorgeous photos. It can be one pretty photo. Or a few short words and a series of photos. There are so many options I didn’t consider before.

2. Just post

I learned that when I had a goal to post every day, then I found a way to post every single day. I figured out a topic to write about no matter what. That might not always be the best approach. I should definitely try to put a lot of thought into my posts in the future, but they don’t always have to be perfect.

3. Reimagining

There’s a lot more to remimagining than I even considered before I started writing about the topic on October 1. You have so many ways to reimagine your home. I just scratched the surface of the topic. I can’t wait to come up with more ideas in the future.

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