Decorating Your Fireplace For Fall: With What You Have

white fireplace

December is here, and I’m posting about fall decorating. I know, bad blogger. I’m behind on my posts, but I was too proud of my fall decorating to let it go unseen.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a cute fall display on my fireplace mantel to show you, just a display in front of my fireplace. My Kansas City apartment is so tiny that my only option is to set my T.V. on my mantel, which doesn’t make for pretty decorating. Sigh.

My apartment, which is an old house converted into two apartments, has the typical odd layout of an old home. Every single wall in the living room either has windows, radiators, or doors (sometimes more than one) taking up valuable space. This makes it extremely difficult to cram in a couch and to also find a spot for the T.V that’s isn’t directly in front of a window or a closet door. Even though it hurt my decorating heart to place a flat screen on my mantel, that’s where it had to go.

With a quirky home, I had to work with what was available to decorate for fall. So, I decorated the area in front of my fireplace instead of the mantel. See how I did it without doing a lot of work, or spending a lot of money.

full fireplace

The blank space in front of my fireplace suited my fall decorating needs exactly. I simply incorporated fall items into the décor I already owned. My simple white vase got a fall revamp with a few twigs scavenged from outdoors. The succulent plants I already owned added a refreshing splash of green to the fall decorating display. Colorful gourds and one orange and one white pumpkin completed the fall look.

You can take the same ideas and use them in your home! The main idea here is to incorporate items you already own with a select few new items. That way you never have to spend a lot of money on seasonal decorating. And, all of my “new” items either came from the farmer’s market or the great outdoors. I probably spent less than $10 on it all.

plants and pumpkins

I opted to keep my fall decorating look natural, by mixing everyday plants with autumnal pumpkins and gourds. If you go for more greens and fewer bright oranges, your fall décor can naturally blend into your home.

puppy and twigs

My pup was very interested in the twigs we found on our walk. I’m going to try to not think about what substances may have been on them. Hey, they were free.

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