Stylishly Organize Your Home With Vintage Tins

Vintage tins.

We often associate “storage” with dumpy, bulky plastic tubs and containers. When you work so hard to fill your home with items that fit your style, you might wonder why can’t storage do its job and look good too? It can! Keep your home   looking fresh by corralling all of those stray items—mail, batteries, office supplies—in easy-to-come-by vintage tins. You’ll never want to use plastic storage containers again.

You can easily locate vintage tins at thrift stores, secondhand shops, flea markets and antique malls. Scour your local shops for metal tins that fit your style. Whether you like a funky, classic or sleek look, you’ll be able to find antique tins you love. Keep in mind that you don’t need full out vintage décor in your home to use vintage tins. They look especially good juxtaposed against modern furnishings.

Declutter your home by stowing away all of that stuff you just don’t need out and about. I use vintage tins in every room of my home to tuck away less attractive items. Check out how I get organized with vintage tins:

Circular vintage tins.Handy circular vintage tins break up the rows of books on my bookshelf and provide convenient storage to hold office supplies.

Tea tin.Instead of filling my cabinets with boxes of tea, I use a metal tin to hold all of my tea bags. I keep it by the kettle for easy access.

Red vintage tin holding envelopes.
This snazzy red tin stores envelopes and cards. On another note, I crafted these envelopes and cards using outdated calendars. Gotta love repurposing!

Vintage green coffee tin.Take a good guess what’s in this retro coffee tin!

Do you love vintage tins? Leave me a comment and tell me about how you use vintage tins in your home!

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