When decorating your home, don’t be afraid to try new things. Here are a bunch of easy home decorating ideas to fit any budget. Get ready to be inspired!

Decorating with Books
Using books in your home isn’t limited to the bookshelf. Try these ideas.

5 Reasons to Love Decorating With Books |

Vintage Dresser Display
This whimsical dresser display is an all-time favorite.

Vintage Dresser Display |

Glass Bottle Bracelet Holders
Use glass bottles to display and organize your bracelets. So simple. So pretty.

Glass Bottle Bracelet Holders |

5 Favorite Furniture Finds for Free
Sometimes you can score some pretty amazing furniture pieces on the curb.

5 Favorite Furniture Finds For Free |

3 Tips to Accessorize Your Home
How do you know what accessories to choose and what to pass on? Use these tips.

3 Tips to Accessorize Your Home |

5 Ways to Use Wooden Boxes for Storage
Wooden boxes are great storage solutions and they look attractive.

5 Ways to Use Wooden Boxes for Storage |

Colorful Mantle Display
This mantle display wows with pops of bright, happy color.

Colorful Mantle Display |

Cute Portland Apartment
This Airbnb in Portland, Oregon has major style.

Cute Portland Apartment |

Decorating with Rugs
Five practical and pretty ways to use rugs in your home.

Decorating With Rugs |

Are You Stuck in a Decorating Rut?
Five ideas to pull you out of a home decorating rut.

Are You Stuck in a Decorating Rut? |

Thrift Store Plant Saucers
Dress up the look of your houseplants with this easy (and inexpensive) idea.

Thrift Store Plant Saucers |

5 Best Houseplants For Your Home
These five easy-to-care-for houseplants will thrive even for those of you with black thumbs.

5 Best Houseplants For Your Home |

Rustic Mantle Display
This fireplace mantle display is reminiscent of a rustic country garden.

Rustic Mantle Display |

How to Style Your Shelves
Step-by-step instructions for styling your shelves artfully.

How to Style Your Shelves |

Fresh Mantle Display
A refreshingly simple fireplace mantle display with touches from nature.

Fresh Mantle Display |