3 Amazing Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon

Head out to Portland, Oregon if you want to score some serious vintage gems. I spent five days in this hipster town and loved every minute there. Every time I turned a corner I saw a cute coffeeshop, a hopping spot to grab a beer or a vintage store. All things I love! I didn’t venture too far out of downtown, but it had more than enough to keep me occupied. Here are a few of the vintage stores I spotted while there. 1. BillyGoat Vintage This cute shop located in the heart of downtown Portland felt like some smart shopper had handpicked vintage stuff just for me. BillyGoat Vintage offered a large selection of vintage clothes, all clearly chosen for the modern dresser. Nothing stuffy. Just really cute dresses, sweaters, pants and fun knickknacks. I had to talk myself out of buying too much. And, the lady working the counter was really helpful. She made some great suggestions of activities to do and areas to visit while in Portland. 2. Buffalo Exchange At this resale shop, I scored a Cath Kidston purse for $32. If you haven’t heard of her, Cath Kidston is an English fashion designer. Her design

Vintage Dresser Display

The slightly quirky display above my dresser evolved slowly. It started with just the mirror. I wanted to a hang a mirror above my dresser to make the area somewhat resemble a vanity. I imagined a pretty place to get ready in the morning. From there, I added the plate, miniature mannequin and white compote dish to hold my jewelry. I like using unexpected items to hold jewelry and all of these also fit the simple, pretty feel I wanted. The lamp base I picked up at a thrift store and repainted white. It was brass. I was excited when I found it because I had been looking for a tall lamp base to fit that gigantic lamp shade I already owned. My favorite part of this display is the jewelry hanger made from a tree branch. (You can read all about it here.) I love the whimsical look of my necklaces draped across the branches and my metal owl hanging beside it. And, you can’t beat something made for free. I’m all about bargains. Here’s a breakdown of where I found each item on my dresser: Tree branch: Outside (Free) Metal owl: Antique mall ($30 for two) Mirror: Grandma’s

5 Best Vintage Thrift Store Finds Ever

Whether you’re a regular thrift store shopper, like me, or just a once-in-a-while browser, anyone who loves vintage can appreciate a great thrift store find. Many times I go into a thrift store or a secondhand shop and come out empty-handed. That’s just part of it.  Sometimes, though…sometimes the planets align and you go in at the exact right day at the exact right moment and you find something amazing. Be still my thrifty heart. Can you tell I’m a thrift store junkie? I even have an odd habit of looking around my house and mentally listing off all of the items I’ve found at thrift stores—for cheap. It gives me a little frugal thrill! (Is it just me?) Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite thrift store finds with you. It’s always nice to get a little thrift store inspiration for those times when you haven’t been able to find what you’re looking for or when you haven’t come across anything exciting in a while. Some of these items I’ve had for years. Some are new finds. All are awesome. Check out my five current thrift store find favorites! Vintage cart I scored this little beauty

Published In VintageKC Magazine!

Time to gush. I’ve had an article published in the winter issue of VintageKC magazine, and it all started right here on Red Leaf Style because of one blog post. The post featured a few photos and my experience at my friends’ barnyard vintage-inspired wedding. Through good ol’ Facebook, the editor of VintageKC saw my post and asked me to write an article about the wedding for the magazine! After months of waiting (the wedding was in July) the article has finally been published and is ready for you to read in all of its vintage-y goodness. Check it out here (page 24). Or, pick up a copy at select stores in the Kansas City, Missouri area.   Related articles: Published in VintageKC Magazine: Winter 2014 Published in VintageKC Magazine: Fall 2014 Vintage Love: A Barnyard Wedding

Decorating With Thrift Store Lamps

When it comes to lamps, I might have a bit of an obsession. My living room, which is quite tiny, includes four table lamps. My bedroom, three. I even have two in my kitchen and one in my bathroom. I’d like to decorate with more, but I’ve pretty much set one on every surface available. Why do I love lamps so much? I think it’s the warm glow they give off. It makes a room instantly cozy. And, I refuse to use nasty overhead lighting. Maybe it’s just in the apartments I’ve rented, but overhead lighting tends to emit cold, sterile light that reminds me of a hospital. Not quite the feeling I’m going for in my home. Where does one vintage-loving lamp obsessed shopper like me find all of these lamps, you ask? Thrift stores and secondhand shops of course! I picked up all of the lamps in my home at secondhand shops and thrift stores—never for more than $10! I’ll let you in on some of my lamp-scoring secrets. What to look for Search for lamps that have a base that catches your eye. Sometimes I go thrift store shopping with an idea of a color of lamp

Industrial Chic: Decorating With Vintage Metal Fans

Sometimes you just have to buy an item for no particular reason except that you like it. It’s not practical. It may not serve any purpose. You just like it. And, that’s okay. At least I tell myself that. I tell myself that because I’m the kind of person who wants random items like a 50-75 pound ceramic elephant planter. (I’m still kicking myself for not buying that at my local Goodwill.) I’m also the kind of person that scours antique stores across Missouri and Kansas to find the perfect vintage metal fan. Just because I wanted one. Obviously I wasn’t drawn to vintage fans for their superior cooling capabilities. I like the look. Lately I’ve seen retro electric fans in almost every home magazine I open. One will be perched on a dresser, adding a splash of vintage style to the room without looking girly, as a lot of vintage items can. Or, one will sit atop a stack of books as a makeshift bedside table. Vintage fans just add a bit of industrial charm to a room. Plus, their look can fit with all types of decorating styles. See: After much searching, I finally found a vintage electric

Loving My Vintage Tea Cups

Drinking out of a vintage tea cup complete with matching saucer just makes you feel elegant—whether you’re a twenty-something or a seventy-something. I’ve recently discovered a love for vintage cups and saucers. I swear my usual Trader Joes English Breakfast tea tastes better out of china. I almost never want to drink my coffee or tea out of any cup without a saucer again! Sadly, my cup and saucer routine is currently just an evening ritual. Even though I already store my own plate, bowl, mug and silverware at work to avoid wastefully using disposables,  I think I might get some strange looks if I sat at my desk sipping out of a tea cup and saucer. Although, I do already drink out of a reused pickle jar. Ha! While it may seem a bit silly to break out the fancy tea cup “just because”, why not? You can easily find mismatched vintage tea cups and saucers at antique malls and thrift stores for everyday use. Who says they’re only for special occasions? Give it a try! I bet you’ll love it. Do you use vintage tea cups and saucers to sip your favorite tea or coffee? Let me know,

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