5 Best Vintage Thrift Store Finds Ever

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Whether you’re a regular thrift store shopper, like me, or just a once-in-a-while
browser, anyone who loves vintage can appreciate a great thrift store find. Many
times I go into a thrift store or a secondhand shop and come out empty-handed.
That’s just part of it.  Sometimes, though…sometimes the planets align and you
go in at the exact right day at the exact right moment and you find something
amazing. Be still my thrifty heart.

Can you tell I’m a thrift store junkie? I even have an odd habit of looking around
my house and mentally listing off all of the items I’ve found at thrift stores—for
cheap. It gives me a little frugal thrill! (Is it just me?) Anyway, I thought I’d share
a few of my favorite thrift store finds with you. It’s always nice to get a little thrift
store inspiration for those times when you haven’t been able to find what you’re
looking for or when you haven’t come across anything exciting in a while. Some
of these items I’ve had for years. Some are new finds. All are awesome. Check out
my five current thrift store find favorites!

Vintage cart

Vintage Cart | redleafstyle.com

I scored this little beauty at a local Goodwill for $4. I’ve seen similar carts in antique
malls and vintage stores for $30 or more. The white paint is slightly stained in some
areas, but I can’t bring myself to paint it. I want to keep it original. You can’t tell that
the paint is less-than-perfect when there’s stuff on it anyway.

Right now, this cart is providing much-needed extra storage in my tiny kitchen. It
would also make a fun bar cart to use to serve drinks during a party. Plus, it’s mobile.

Metal wire baskets

Vintage Wire Basket | redleafstyle.com

For some reason, I’ve had a slight obsession with wire baskets lately. I use one to
store my mail and another to corral magazines. (It’s the perfect size!) You could
also use them to arrange items in a drawer, to organize your office and so much
more. I prefer using fun vintage items, like these wire baskets, as storage around
my home instead of boring plastic containers that you can buy anywhere. And,
you can’t beat the price. These wire baskets (found on two separate trips) cost
$1 each.

Round lamp base

Dresser | redleafstyle.com

I love scavenging through thrift stores for lamp bases. You can always find a thrift
store lamp
that will look cute and for far less money than at regular stores. Add a
coat of paint and a new lampshade and you’d never know it was secondhand. This
one I didn’t even have to paint!

This lamp has been around my home for at least four years. While not technically
vintage, I had to include it because it’s one of my all-time favorite lamps that I’ve
found at thrift stores. There’s something about the fat round base that I just like.
I don’t remember the amount I paid for it anymore, but it was likely less than $10.

Square-shaped mason jars

Mason Jar Flowers | redleafstyle.com

It’s no secret that mason jars are awesome. They’ve been used for decorating in
thousands of different ways. I have my own love affair with mason jars, but I don’t
buy them very often because I already own plenty. These, though, I couldn’t resist.
These Ball mason jars have a slightly square shape that I haven’t seen before. Love!
Even better? They each cost a whopping $1 each.

Vintage tan briefcase

Vintage Briefcase | redleafstyle.com

This purchase was incredibly impractical. A small vintage briefcase? What exactly do
you do with it? Well, I don’t know yet, okay? But, it’s cute! It only cost $4! If I ever
get up the nerve, I might use it to carry my computer to coffee shops and such. I’m
open to suggestions. Let me know if you have ideas!

Do you have any fabulous thrift store finds? I’d love to hear about them in the

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