Holiday House Tour 2015

Holiday House Tour 2015 |

Welcome to my home. It’s all spruced up and ready for the holidays.

When decorating for the holiday season, I tend to think cozy. Plaid and buffalo check blankets drape over the couch. Bright colors add warmth. And this year, I’ve been into faux fur. A small faux sheepskin rug has been a staple. Right now, it’s lining the back of my couch, but I’ve also used it to cover an ottoman and I’ve also tossed it over the back of a chair.

When it comes to color, I tend to decorate with the traditional red and green during the holidays. This conventional color scheme fits with my vintage-y style. And, it’s the only time of year I deviate from my beloved neutrals. (I know, it’s getting wild around here!)

In typical winter fashion, the sun wouldn’t come out while I was trying to take photos for this holiday home tour shoot. So, unfortunately I couldn’t capture all the nooks and crannies where I’ve decorated my home for the holidays. I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination. Picture little toy soldiers standing guard in unexpected places and glass cloches covering mini winter scenes with teeny Christmas trees.

I really do wish I could share it with you! But here are a few pictures I could capture of my home for the holidays.

Holiday House Tour 2015 | redleafstyle.comHoliday House Tour 2015 |

The living room got all done up this year.

These two Ikea Hemnes bookcases are recent additions to my living room. I love how they make the entertainment center area feel more complete. There’s something to say for symmetry!

I had so much fun decorating the shelves for Christmas. With six shelves per bookcase, I had a lot of space to work with. I even ran out of books to decorate with, which is unheard of for me. These shelves just add so much storage.

The copper wire deer head is also new to the room. I gave him a wreath necklace and hooked on a red ornament for a Rudolph nose to give him some Christmas flair.

Holiday House Tour 2015 |

The couch got dressed up with a faux sheepskin rug and cozy plaid blankets. I also covered one of the throw pillows with a solid red pillow cover to add a pop of color.

Even with the bright colors of the blankets and the throw pillow, these touches of Christmasy-ness still feel subtle to me. It’s not overwhelming and it fits in seamlessly with my everyday décor.

Holiday House Tour 2015 | redleafstyle.comHoliday House Tour 2015 | redleafstyle.comHoliday House Tour 2015 |

This mini gallery wall near the entrance to my kitchen received a few holiday touches.

I bought the “Happy Holidays” print at a local Christmas craft market this year. And, I found the frame it’s in stashed away in the back of a closet. I love when I rediscover items I already own and put them to good use. The print makes the perfect focal point for the holiday-themed gallery wall.

None of the other art is Christmas-themed, but it all works well together. A couple of toy soldiers and some glitzy red snowflakes complete the look.

(P.S. These Mosslanda picture ledges from Ikea are my favorite. They offer the look of a traditional gallery wall but the convenience of being able to change out your art whenever you want.)

Holiday House Tour 2015 | redleafstyle.comHoliday House Tour 2015 |

My home feels super snug and I’m loving every minute.  I’ve had the Christmas tree lights on almost all day, every day. I even leave the lights on for the dog when I’m not home, so she can enjoy them. Ha!

The countdown is on by the way. Only three days til Christmas. Happy holidays!

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