Weekend Finds: Garage Sale Lamp Shades

Vintage nightstand |redleafstyle.com

This weekend I stopped at a few garage sales and picked up two lamp shades for $3 each. Normally I can’t find cute lamp shades while thrifting. I love picking up lamp bases at the Goodwill, DAV and other secondhand stores. You can score really stylish secondhand lamp bases for cheap. Finding lamp shades is not so easy. At secondhand stores the lamp shades are usually dented or way outdated, if you find them at all.

Lately, I’ve done well searching for lamp shades at garage sales. I’ve found that garage salers tend to have near perfect condition lamp shades because they bought them and they didn’t work for their particular lamp. And, then I buy them for less than a fourth of the price of what they would cost new.

Vintage nightstand |redleafstyle.comVintage nightstand and lamp |redleafstyle.comSuede lampshade | redleafstyle.com

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this other lamp shade yet, but for $3 I know I’ll put it to use at some point.

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