5 Things to Love about Summer in the Midwest

Summer may be coming to a close, but it’s still here—for now. For a season that I associate with slowness, mine has flown by. As most summers do, I suppose. And I feel like I haven’t appreciated it enough. Summers in the Midwest are special. It’s a season when you know it’s all good. It’s all lazy dogs, bare feet and long days. Iced tea, sunsets and happy nights. And I’m going to soak in every hot, humid moment that’s left. The humidity here in the Midwest doesn’t bother me, like it does a lot of people. It’s more like a well-known friend. Familiar, expected. Thick and warm. Kind of like a cozy blanket. In celebration of this almost-gone season, I’m listing my favorite things about summer. What are your favorites? 1. The sound of cicadas I love the sound of cicadas on summer nights. A summer evening isn’t complete without the hum and pulse of their vibrating song. Some people find it noisy, but after growing up hearing it year after year, it’s a kind of music to me. 2. The golden hour There’s just something about summer evenings. They’re lazy. Slow. There’s no reason to rush, and every

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