31 Days of Reimagining

Welcome to my 31 days blog series: 31 Days of Reimagining. This blog series is part of the 31 days challenge hosted by one of my favorite home bloggers, The Nester. Bloggers take the challenge to write about one topic every day in October. That’s 31 days of straight blog posting! This will be quite the challenge for me. I’ve yet to regularly post here on Red Leaf Style. Between working a full time job as a web writer and writing part time as a contributing writer for OrganicAuthority.com, I’m pretty writered out by the time I get to my blog. (Even though it’s the one I wish I could devote the most time to.) But this month there will be no excuses! No. Excuses. So, get ready world for a full month of ways to reimagine your home. That’s my topic. 31 Days of Reimagining. Because that’s what I’m all about here on Red Leaf Style, reimagining your home in new ways. I’ll be blogging about how to look at your home from a fresh perspective, repurposing your décor and anything else I come up with along the way. Are you ready? Here we go… (I’ll update the link each day when

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