How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes

Inside: Create an unexpectedly stylish DIY TV console to store your electronics. Wood boxes star in this super affordable repurpose project.

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes |
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Joanna Gaines would not approve of the jumbled maze of cords linking all of the electronic devices on the dresser we use as a TV stand.

Because there’s nothing farmhouse chic about a knot of cords.

As someone who chooses looks over function, I struggle with how to incorporate electronics into a room’s style. (Gimme a beautiful, impossibly uncomfortable tufted armchair over a bulky recliner any day.)

If I had my way, the TV would magically appear when I need to binge watch The Crown and disappear when I want the living room to look like a picture in a magazine. But I’m no Harry Potter.

And if I want to watch Game of Thrones, I need a TV.

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes |

So, we recently mounted the TV on the wall.

While the TV looked great, the old dresser that we used as the TV stand now sat awkwardly empty with just the DVD player and the Apple TV on it. Oh, and the mass of cords.

I tried to fix the problem by styling the dresser top. I arranged vases and decoratively stacked books around the DVD player and next to the Apple TV.

But when we’d sit down to watch Highway Thru Hell, everyone would argue about who had to get off the couch to move the stylishly-placed decorative cactus blocking the Apple TV sensor.

So, I took the decorations off to keep the peace.

But without any décor filling the awkward gap of space between the top of the dresser and the mounted TV, the whole space just looked weird.

Then, inspiration hit.

And I realized I could merge practicality and style.

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes |

As I racked my brain for how to fill the space on top of the dresser, I had an idea for a DIY TV console.

What about stacking wood boxes or crates on top of the dresser to create a console to store electronics? (The idea reminds me of this crate turned bookshelf project.)

My sister had recently purchased three wood boxes from Target. They were scattered around the house holding different items, so I dumped out their contents and arranged them on top of the dresser.

They transformed the space.

Not only did they create the perfect DIY TV console for storing electronics, but they looked unexpectedly stylish.

Why wood boxes work so well as a DIY TV console:

  • Stylishly store DVD players and game consoles
  • Add storage space
  • Easy to rearrange or remove
  • Add shelf space for décor
  • Budget-friendly

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes |

3 Steps to Create an Affordable and Stylish DIY TV Console

Building (I use the term building loosely here) your own TV console from wood boxes takes minutes. Here’s how I created mine.

1. Grab your bins

I used three wood boxes to build my DIY TV console.

(Target actually calls them “wood milk crates,” which makes sense because they have cut-outs for handles. You can find similar ones here.)

Other options for creating a DIY TV console:

  • Baskets
  • Fabric storage cubes
  • Plastic milk crates
  • Wood crates with slats
  • Wood storage cubes

2. Arrange them in a sturdy shape

Take your boxes (or crates, baskets or cubes) and place them on the surface of your TV stand, dresser, or on the floor. Make sure the openings of the boxes face into the room. This way you can set your DVD player, Apple TV or gaming consoles inside.

Three wood boxes fit perfectly on top of my dresser. But choose how many bins work for you.

I arranged mine with the big wood box in the middle and two smaller ones on either side, but you could put two big ones on the outside and a smaller one in the middle. Or, you could use boxes of all the same size. Get creative!

3. Put away your electronics

Now place your electronics (DVD player, Apple TV, gaming consoles) inside the boxes.

The handle cut-outs in my wood boxes came in handy for stuffing cords through. If the bins you used don’t have holes, drill small holes in them to pull the cords through. (No more jumbled knot of cords!)

Once you’ve put your electronics in place, you can add decorative items to give the DIY TV console some style. I decorated mine with ceramic succulents from Ikea and other thrifted knick knacks.

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes | redleafstyle.comHow to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes |

For those of us who want to watch TV but don’t want our living rooms to look like a man cave, the key is to think creatively about storage solutions for electronics.

And crafting together a simple DIY TV console like this fits any budget. I could see it used in a tiny apartment or a big living room.

But here’s the ultimate test. Do you think Joanna Gaines would approve?

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes |

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