Cork Trivet Wall Décor


On my most recent shopping trip to Ikea, I was staring at a packet of three cork trivets and inspiration struck! Instead of using them to protect countertops and tables from hot pots, I decided to hang them on the wall.

Similar to a cork bulletin board, this packet of three cork trivets can be used to pin up postcards, messages and pictures. I adhered mine to the wall with just a few swatches of double-sided tape. It took all of three minutes to go from blank wall to wall décor.


You’re not limited to hanging pictures or postcards on your trivets. I tacked up a carnation to dry. The flower adds a bit more visual interest to the whole scheme.

I hung my three circles in a vertical line, but there are so many other options you could try. Buy a few more packets of trivets and you could create an entire gallery wall or make a cool pattern on the wall. At $2.99 for a packet of three, it’s a very inexpensive project. (Hint: If you check Ikea’s “as is” area, you might even be able to score some for less!)


I love the versatility of this cork trivet wall décor. Whenever you get bored, just pin up a new arrangement of items. You can change it whenever, and easily match it to any décor. Or, swap out items to go with different holidays throughout the year.


I used the cork trivet wall décor to fill a sad blank space beside my T.V. But there are so many options! I’m picturing the cork trivets in a kitchen to pin recipes at hands reach or lining a wall in a mudroom to pin notes and mail by the door. Get creative!

What do you think of this easy Ikea hack? Would you try it?

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