5 (Possibly Ridiculous) Tips on Packing Up Your Home


Let’s start off by first stating that I am no expert mover. I’ve just done it a lot. You should also probably know that my methods of moving might not be for everyone. I don’t hire expert movers; I sweet-talk friends (preferably friends who own trucks) with promises of free beer. I don’t buy packing supplies. (I knew that tissue paper I saved for the past two years would come in handy!) My methods may be unusual, but I have picked up some tips that may help you if you’re surrounded by boxes and at a loss for how to pack. Here’s how I pack my home for a move.

1. Assemble your packing supplies
One time I moved everything I owned in reusable bags. You know, the kind you take to the grocery store. Granted I did this move over several weeks, but it was still a bit extreme. I don’t recommend this. Get some boxes. Many stores will give them to you for free. You’ll be a lot happier if you have the supplies you need. There’s nothing worse than scrambling at the last minute trying to find something to put your stuff in.

2. Start with the easy stuff
You have to start packing somewhere. I recommend zoning in on the items that fit easily in boxes (and aren’t breakable.) I essentially own a small library’s worth of books, so I start with those. Books are easy. They fit nicely in boxes, you don’t have to worry about them breaking, and you feel like you’ve accomplished something after you pack them. Other easy items to pack first include magazines, scrapbooks, photo albums and notebooks. Just use small boxes because this stuff is heavy.

3. Go through your things as you pack
Purging the stuff you don’t need saves you a lot of extra hassle on moving day. As you pack, make a donate pile and take that stuff to a secondhand store before you move. Trash anything unnecessary. Trust me, purging feels so good. And there’s nothing like the thought of having to lug all of that stuff up stairs, through hallways and in and out of trucks to get you to finally get rid of those holey socks and broken furniture.

4. Use items you already own as padding
I’m not a fan of bubble wrap. After you use it to move, it just goes in the trash. Save the planet a little by using items you already own as padding. I love wrapping dishes and other breakables in bath towels, dishtowels and rags. They make better padding anyway! I’ve even been known to use clothes as padding. Wrap that vase in a sweatshirt! Plus, it saves space. You have to move all of those towels and clothes anyway, may as well as put them to use while packing.

5. Give yourself plenty of time
It’s going to take longer to pack than you think. No really, it’s going to take longer to pack than you think. Start packing anything unnecessary as soon as possible. You’ll be happy you did.

I hope my tips help you out this moving season. I just finished a move, so I know it’s not an easy process. Let me know your favorite packing tips in the comments!

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