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With spring nearly here, I guess I’ve been in an outdoorsy kind of mood. I put together a new mantle display with the great outdoors in mind. It’s a little quirky, a little colorful and lots of fun.

I don’t know how long I’ll leave it up, but I’m enjoying it for right now. I’m not the kind of person who can leave the same mantle display up for long. (As you can tell if you keep up with my blog.)

After a while, I just need to switch it up. When I get in that mood, I’m usually too lazy to take everything down. If I did that I’d have to find places for everything to go, haul things up and down stairs, and do a lot of reorganizing. There’s no way that’s going to happen very often.

Instead, I sneakily move items around and add just enough new pieces to make it look different. (That’s what I did with the mirror, plants and vintage tin. You can see them all in this display.) This is an easy way to freshen up your mantle without doing a lot of work. Leave the basic pieces you like, add a few additional elements, move items around, and voilà‎, a whole new display.

Cypress plant | redleafstyle.comBooks and antlers | redleafstyle.com

I’m really wild about this fish picture. (Hehe, wild.) I found this quirky fish poster at an estate sale. I cut it into smaller pieces so it would fit into the picture frame above, and I used the leftovers to fill smaller frames. (I’ll do a post on that soon, so you can see the transformation!)

Mantle display | redleafstyle.comCute fireplace mantle display | redleafstyle.comFish poster in vintage picture frame | redleafstyle.comFireplace mantle display | redleafstyle.com

What do you think of this outdoorsy mantle display? What’s up on your mantle right now? Let me know in the comments!

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