Reimagining Inspiration: 5 Do-It-Yourself Projects

Do It Yourself Tiered Tray |

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that this month I’ve taken a 31 day blogging challenge. Meaning, I’ll be posting every day in October on one topic. After thinking about what I tend to write about on my blog anyway, I chose 31 Days of Reimagining as my topic. I get a little decorating kick out of reimagining home décor in fresh ways.

I wanted to share five do-it-yourself projects from my blog where I did just that. You’ll see purchases from thrift stores, stuff bound for the trash and even items from my front yard, all reimagined in new ways. I hope they give you some reimagining inspiration for your own home.

1. Branch Jewelry Hanger
Branch Jewelry Hanger |

Dangle your necklaces from a pretty jewelry holder crafted from a tree branch. See how to make this quirky-cute jewelry holder yourself.

2. Wine Cork Bulletin BoardWine Cork Bulletin Board |

Turn leftover wine corks into a pretty project for your kitchen or office. Find out how to make your own wine cork bulletin board.

3. Easy Tiered TrayDo It Yourself Tiered Tray |

Create your own pretty tiered tray using just two thrift store plates and a candle stick holder. Get instructions on how to craft your own tiered tray.

4. Denim Book StrapsDenim Book Straps |

These denim book straps are similar  to the elastic bands that go around Moleskin notebooks. They’re a fun project you can make from an old pair of jeans. Learn how to make your own denim book straps.

5. Cake Stand Jewelry HolderCake Stand Jewelry Holder |

Reimagine a cake stand as a pretty spot to hold jewelry. Check out how I styled a silver cake stand to hold my jewelry.


This is the sixth post in a 31 days blog series called 31 Days of Reimagining. Start from the beginning.

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