How to Love Your Home’s Imperfections

You and I probably look at the picture above differently. You know why? I see the imperfections. Because it’s my home.

The things you might not notice, irk me all the time. Like those dog bowls off to the left. They don’t do my dining room any decorating favors, but I can’t have my doggie going hungry either! And, you can’t see it but I know that those curtains are hanging from an ugly white curtain rod that came with the rental house. You also can’t see the hideous cobalt blue ceiling fan light fixture hanging overhead. I have no words for the imperfections of that.

And those seemingly put together built-in bookshelves? The cabinet doors are hiding what’s essentially my pantry at the moment. My kitchen is too tiny to store food, so beneath those books and knickknacks are pasta, canned goods and baking supplies.

My home is definitely imperfect. But on the Sunday morning when I took this picture, the light was just so perfect. It made the room look cozy, light and happy. And you know what? Right then all of those imperfections didn’t matter.

It made me think that maybe those imperfections should matter a little less all the time. Here are three ideas to fall in love with your home’s imperfections.

1. Know that it’s okay

None of us are perfect. And neither are our homes. You’d be surprised that what seem like glaring imperfections to you, your guests and family don’t even notice. It’s okay for your home to be imperfect, so long as you love living in it.

2. Love what makes your home unique

Those radiators or that oddly-shaped entryway are what make your home special. Embrace the quirks of your home because it’s just that—yours. The strange elements are what make your home special, even if they make decorating a challenge.

3. Take on the challenge

Take pride in that funky bathroom tile or odd floor plan—and make it work for you. When you fix a problem area, like converting that quirky-shaped space off your living room into the perfect reading nook, it’s exciting and makes you love your home even more. Finding creative solutions by working with what you have can be a fun challenge. (Especially for us decorating nerds.)

Here’s to imperfection!

31DaysofReimagining_smallerThis is the third post in a 31 days blog series called 31 Days of Reimagining. Start from the beginning.


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  2. meg @ pureandsimple
    October 9, 2013

    Love these bullet points – all great encouragement! Sometimes we need to step back and see our home from someone else’s (more forgiving) eyes.

    1. Red Leaf Style
      October 9, 2013

      Thanks meg! I’m glad you found it encouraging. I have to remind myself of these points–often!

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