Indoor Gardening Day

Gardening |
I don’t take my home so seriously that I can’t drag a big ole bag of potting soil
inside to do a bit of gardening. That’s exactly what went on in my kitchen this
After weeks of chilly, snowy and dreary weather, I’m ready to fill my home
with greenery!

Kitchen Plants |

Grow Seeds in Eggshells |

A week or two ago I started some seeds using eggshells. (Check out my tutorial to learn
how!) I planted a smorgasbord of veggies and herbs: spinach, carrots, 
radishes, oregano, basil and chives. All easy-to-grow plants that I can cultivate in

Indoor Gardening |

Radish Plant |

The radishes sprouted far faster than all of the other plants. They were ready to
transplant to larger containers, so that was this weekend’s project. If you’re
looking at the pictures and wondering if I used that soup ladle to fill the pots
with soil, why yes, yes I did. (Go ahead, file that one away for future reference.
Soup ladle works just as well as shovel.)

Seed Packets |

Grow Seeds in Eggshells |

I didn’t actually plant the peppers or tomatoes in the pictures above, but I love the
happy colors on the seed packets. That’ll be a future project.

Until it warms up enough to move all of these plants outside and transplant the rest
of the seeds growing in eggshells, every window in my home will be filled with plants.
Love it!

Have you started any gardening projects to prepare for spring?

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