Skip the Seed Tray! This is How to Start Seeds in the Most Frugal Way

Inside: Break out the seeds and soil. Here’s a method to start seeds for your garden without spending big bucks. “And now for my next trick, I’m going to build a rocket ship from tissues.” I have a friend who likes to poke fun at my budget-friendly ways. He breaks out this saying when I bake my own granola, shop at thrift stores or find frugal ways to start a garden. Maybe I earned it. I have been known to drag a bag of potting soil into the kitchen for an indoor gardening day. Or, fold dozens of newspaper pots to start seeds. And, I’ve composted table scraps in a plastic cereal container in my apartment kitchen. Growing your own food is rewarding, but it’s also cheaper than buying those same tomatoes, basil and squash at a store. Not to mention fresher and tastier. If you garden, then you probably like to save money too. Well, here’s a fun way to save some green with that green thumb of yours. Get your gardening going with this frugal (and unexpected!) way to start seeds. A Little-Known Way to Start Seeds for Your Garden Skip the seed trays. You can start seeds

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