How to Get Free Seeds for Your Organic Garden

How to Get Free Seeds for Your Organic Garden |

Inside: Who doesn’t love when something’s free? Discover how to get free seeds for your garden. With visions of rows of lettuce, tall tomato plants and cucumbers curling up trellises, you head to the nursery to grab some seed packets and bags of soil. Only to realize you also need containers. And, maybe some transplants in case the seeds don’t work out. What about fertilizer? And mulch? Suddenly this fun gardening project has turned into a money pit. Gardening expenses add up. But that shouldn’t get in the way of the fun. Growing your own food has so many benefits. Fresh air. Exercise. The joy of picking a plump, ripe tomato off a four-foot-tall plant you grew from a seed. You’ll probably still need to buy some gardening supplies this season, but I have a secret way you can save money. It may seem like a small money-saver, but you can get all kinds of seeds for free—if you know where to look. 3 little-known ways to get free seeds The first option is by far the most accessible for newbie gardeners. 1. Find a local seed library I recently discovered that my local public library offers a seed library.

Skip the Seed Tray! This is How to Start Seeds in the Most Frugal Way

Inside: Break out the seeds and soil. Here’s a method to start seeds for your garden without spending big bucks. “And now for my next trick, I’m going to build a rocket ship from tissues.” I have a friend who likes to poke fun at my budget-friendly ways. He breaks out this saying when I bake my own granola, shop at thrift stores or find frugal ways to start a garden. Maybe I earned it. I have been known to drag a bag of potting soil into the kitchen for an indoor gardening day. Or, fold dozens of newspaper pots to start seeds. And, I’ve composted table scraps in a plastic cereal container in my apartment kitchen. Growing your own food is rewarding, but it’s also cheaper than buying those same tomatoes, basil and squash at a store. Not to mention fresher and tastier. If you garden, then you probably like to save money too. Well, here’s a fun way to save some green with that green thumb of yours. Get your gardening going with this frugal (and unexpected!) way to start seeds. A Little-Known Way to Start Seeds for Your Garden Skip the seed trays. You can start seeds

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