5 Fun Storage Solutions for Your Desk

When I moved into my new house, I had a problem. The two bedroom home with no basement didn’t have room for an office. Before moving, I had said goodbye to my mid-century desk. So, at the new place, I didn’t need office space to hold a desk. What I needed was somewhere to put all of the books, office supplies, scrapbooking stuff, notebooks, stamps and other bits and pieces that had been living in my previous desk’s drawers. What my new house does have is a dining room. We’ll call it a dining room because I think that’s what it’s intended to be, but in all reality it’s an 11 ft. x 7 ft. opening with two doorways, one door and two windows. Not a lot of room to put furniture. Now, imagine a 7 ft. dining room table taking up most of that space. My boyfriend insisted on keeping his gigantic dining room table despite the fact that it’s way oversized for this house. (I’m actually fine with it—now!) I certainly wasn’t going to waste all that table space for “dining” when I needed desk space. So, I decided to turn the dining room—dining room table and all—into

3 Steps To Create A Vintage-Inspired Desk

You vintage lovers deserve a workspace that complements your home decorating aesthetic. Whether you just use your desk to pay bills and surf the Web or your desk functions as your full-time workstation, you need a space where you enjoy spending time. If it looks vintage-cute, all the better! For me, an office space that combines vintage elements, artwork that I enjoy looking at, and functionality inspires me to write. Check out my desk below and discover how you too can fashion a vintage-inspired desk for your home. 1. The right desk  The modern desks you find at furniture stores today often don’t offer the same craftsmanship as vintage pieces. Vintage desks are usually made of solid wood, not a combination of wood and cheap plywood like today’s furniture. Choose a desk for your workspace that you’ll actually want to work at. I salvaged my desk from a Goodwill for $20. With a fresh coat of white paint and green accents, it looks near-new and still has the retro look I adore. 2. Keep it minimal Choose the pieces that you place on your desk surface carefully. An uncluttered work area will help you get more work done. You want

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