How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath

Inside: Discover how to create a succulent wreath in an unexpected way.

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When I plant succulents, they’re happy one moment and dead the next.

While I consider myself a plant-savvy person, succulents are my downfall. A perky cactus deflates like a balloon. Purple echeveria browns within days. Jade shrivels away from me like I’ve scorned it.

So, when I saw the living succulent wreath trend that’s been making the rounds on Pinterest and home decorating websites, I knew no way would I keep one alive for longer than a few days.

Rather than killing some pretty succulents, I opted for a different option.

Succulent Wreath | redleafstyle.comSucculent Wreath |

This is the Easiest Way to Make a Succulent Wreath

I decided to make a fake succulent wreath. Fake it til you make it, baby.

What you’ll need:

  • 10 – 15 fake succulents (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • Wreath form (I used a wire form because it’s what I had. A straw or foam wreath form would also work well.)
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

Succulent Wreath | redleafstyle.comSucculent Wreath |

Your handy hot glue gun will handle the bulk of this project. Since I’m no expert at sewing or using power towels, I use hot glue a lot. It’s a DIYers best friend in my opinion.

Ready to make your fake succulent wreath?

Step 1: Wrap it up
Start by wrapping your burlap ribbon in even layers around the wreath form.

How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath by Elements magazine |

Step 2: Trim off
Once you wrap all the way around your wreath form, trim off the burlap. Then, secure the end with a dab of hot glue. Make sure you leave enough ribbon so you can secure the end of the ribbon to the back of the wreath form. You want to keep it pretty, you know?

How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath by Elements magazine |

Step 3: Prepare the succulents
The fake succulents I purchased came complete with mini pot. So, I had to detach them from the pot then trim the stems off. This way I could hot glue the succulents down flat to the wreath.

How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath |

Step 4: Hot glue the succulents
Carefully hot glue the back of each succulent to the wreath. I decided to concentrate my succulents in one area, but you could cover the entire wreath in succulents if you like.

Once you’ve hot glued all of your succulents, your fake succulent wreath is complete!

How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath |

Full disclosure: When I went to hang my succulent wreath, I noticed that my wreath wanted to dip toward the side with all of the succulents because the weight of them was pulling it down. After some finagling, and placing it just so, I managed to get it hung straight.

How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath | How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath |

This fake succulent wreath looks fancy, and I love that it’s made from simple craft store items. And, the best part? No plants were harmed in the making of this wreath.

How to Make a Fake Succulent Wreath |

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