How to Repurpose an Old Toolbox Into a Craft Caddy You’ll Love

Try This: Old Toolbox to Craft Caddy |

When you’re crafting, do your supplies explode all over your work surface? One minute you’re crafting up a storm and the next you can’t even clear an area to work because you’re drowning under a pile of stickers, glue and paper.

At least that’s my typical experience.

Organizing craft supplies isn’t easy. From ribbon to pens to tape, craft supplies tend to be small, awkwardly shaped and plentiful.

See how I used an old toolbox to corral my craft supplies into a convenient craft caddy.

Corral your craft supplies

An old metal toolbox is the perfect size for a craft caddy. It’s easy to move from room to room, which I tend to do when crafting. And this way I can keep all of the supplies for the project I’m currently working in one spot.

Try This: Old Toolbox to Craft Caddy |

Choose a toolbox with patina

Sure, you could buy a plastic caddy from a dollar store, but where’s the fun in that? When it comes to the items in your home, it’s not always about simply being useful; It’s about being enjoyable, too.

And, if I’m going to have my craft caddy sitting around the house, then I want it to blend in with my décor—and not be an eyesore. This old rickety toolbox is just the look I like. Some people might only see the rust, but I like the worn patina. It has character.

Try This: Old Toolbox to Craft Caddy |

Use mini buckets to hold pens

Even your organizer needs organizers. Instead of tossing your pens, highlighters and markers straight into the caddy, keep them separate with a small mini bucket. (This one’s from IKEA.) You could also use a mug, cup or tin.

Try This: Old Toolbox to Craft Caddy |

Keep small supplies in one spot with your craft caddy

Spend more time actually completing your craft projects and less time searching for that missing pair of scissors for the fifth time. This toolbox turned craft caddy works perfectly to assemble all your small supplies in one location. You know, all those little items that get lost easily, like pens, tape, scissors and glue. Stick them in your caddy and you’re good to go. (The hard part is remembering to put them back after each use.)

Try This: Old Toolbox to Craft Caddy |

Get organized and put your craft supplies right at your fingertips with your own craft caddy. If you don’t have an old metal toolbox, use a vintage tin, wood box or small crate.

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