Published in VintageKC Magazine: Winter 2014


I’m posting this a little late, but here are my latest contributions to VintageKC magazine. I love writing for this magazine. Every issue is packed with vintage fun for today’s home decorator. It’s fresh and full of inspiring home, fashion and DIY project ideas.

For the Winter 2014 issue, I was lucky enough to participate twice. Check it out!


For this issue, I got to take part in the DIY craft project that’s in every issue. This issue’s challenge was to create a snowflake out of unexpected items. I made a snowflake ornament out of wine corks! I love how the ornament turned out. The naturally varying colors of the corks look lovely. Plus, it’s easy to make!


I also wrote a piece for the Vintage Recipes section. I interviewed my friend’s grandma who told me her story of learning to bake as a little girl. It turned out really fun. Plus, you can get her recipe for the perfect pie crust!

made_from_scratch_closeup made_from_scratch_page2 magazine_pile_winter_2014

Check out the full magazine in the digital edition. You’ll find my pieces on page 38 and page 44.

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My Column in VintageKC Magazine Fall 2014


Although I don’t usually talk about it here on Red Leaf Style, I’m a writer, not just a blogger. I write professionally to earn a living and because I love it.

For fun, I’ve been freelancing for VintageKC magazine, a local Kansas City magazine dedicated to decorating, DIY projects and fashion, all with a vintage focus.

The magazine completely fits my style. It’s vintage for the modern girl (or guy). From glamping to the best paint to distress furniture, the magazine has a lot of great ideas for today’s vintage lover.

I’m writing a regular column called Vintage Memories. Basically, every issue I interview someone interesting and build a story around a vintage photograph we dig up. It’s really fun. And I love how this issue’s column turned out. There’s Miracle Whip sandwiches and 50s dinner parties and a lot of other interesting tidbits from a lady who has lived in her childhood home for more than 60 years.

Since I talk alot about vintage here on Red Leaf Style, I wanted to invite you to check out this issue’s column. You can find it in the digital edition on page 46.

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Weekend Finds: Friday Night Rummage Sale

Yellow compost bin |

This weekend I went to Kansas City’s First Friday event, an art walk held once a month in the Crossroads Arts District. In between checking out the art galleries, I came across a rummage sale. What luck! There’s nothing I like more than rummaging. Besides maybe the word “rummaging.” Rummaging. Rummaging. It’s an excellent word, no?

Anyway, the rummage sale was held at Broadway & Penn, a local vintage-inspired clothing and home décor store. It was like an upscale garage sale. And of course I found a few goodies.

Here’s what I found:
Metal two-tiered basket: $10
Yellow plastic compost bin: $2

Oranges and coffee | Oranges and lemons in basket |

This metal basket is exactly what I’ve been looking for to hold fruit. We eat a lot of fruit. And I’m always moving bowls of fruit out of the way in our tiny kitchen. Now all of my fruit can live in one place!

Yellow compost bin |

It’s so funny sometimes how you can find exactly what you need at secondhand sales. For weeks now I’ve been thinking about how I needed some sort of bin with a lid to keep my compost in. But I’m too cheap to buy a new compost bin. When I came across this yellow bin, I knew it would be perfect for composting. And at $2, I had to have it!

Yellow compost bin |

Imagine me walking around a crowded arts district carrying this yellow bin. I have no shame when it comes to good finds!

Check out my past weekend finds!

What do you think of my finds this weekend? Tell me all about your rummage sale finds in the comments!

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