Get Organized: A Collection of Home Organization Tips & Ideas

Get Organized: A Collection of Home Organization Tips & Ideas |

If your new year’s resolution was to finally get organized, don’t give up on that resolution just yet. (Statistics show that 80 percent of people who make a new year’s resolution Jan. 1 won’t stick with it by Valentine’s Day.) Get your whole house in order with my favorite strategies, tips and ideas for home organization. I’ll give room-by-room organization tips, plus cute storage ideas. From the bathroom to the office, here’s how to finally clear the clutter and get organized. 5 Ways to Use Wooden Boxes for Storage We all need to store stuff. Why not make it look good at the same time? Wooden boxes are one of my favorite creative storage solutions that serve a purpose and look attractive. You can pile just about anything in them and they make a jumbled mess of stuff much more easy on the eyes. Try these creative ways to use wooden boxes for storage. Stylishly Organize Your Home With Vintage Tins We often associate “storage” with dumpy, bulky plastic tubs and containers. When you work so hard to fill your home with items that fit your style, you might wonder why can’t storage do its job and look good too? It

7 Handy Bathroom Organization Tips to Clear Clutter

Bathrooms tend to be difficult rooms to keep organized. Shampoos, soaps, lotions and the tons of other products we use daily easily get scattered about. Tweezers, nail files and hair ties end up anywhere but where you can find them. If you’re anything like me, keeping your bathroom clutter-free will seriously reduce your stress levels when you’re trying to get ready in the morning. Here are some handy bathroom organization tips that I use to keep my bathroom tidy. 1. Mason jar storage These trendy jars can get your bathroom organized in no time. I love using mason jars to store nail files, razors and make-up brushes. The vertical shape of these bathroom necessities usually makes them difficult to store, but they slip right into mason jars—and look nice too. You could also use mason jars to hold cotton balls, q-tips and toothbrushes. 2. Bowls to corral small items Drawers and cabinets in the bathroom are where stuff goes to get lost forever. (Go check. I bet you don’t even know what’s in the back of that bathroom drawer.) If you don’t corral small items, like lip balms, tweezers, hair ties and bobby pins, they end up everywhere. My solution

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