A Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch

A Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleaf

The front porch is the welcome center to your home. You see it every time you leave and it’s there, welcoming you, after a long day at work. Shouldn’t your front porch feel warm and friendly?

And, what better time to spruce up your front porch than when guests start arriving? After all, it’s that time of year. Fall gatherings. Football watch parties. Thanksgiving.

Before fall’s over (why does it happen so fast!?) I wanted to share my front porch all decked out for autumn. Dressed up with just a few fall essentials, my front porch is bright, happy and welcoming.

A Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleafA Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleaf

Add some fall mums
In pops of bright yellow and deep burgundy, fall mums add festive fall color to your front stoop. Pop the plants into unexpected containers, like woven baskets or my plastic pumpkin planters, and your plants will be anything but boring.

Bring on the pumpkins
No fall porch is complete without a display of pumpkins. Orange and white pumpkins keep it classic, but you could also add in green pumpkins or warty pumpkins.

A Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleafstyle.comA Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleaf

A place to sit
If you have the space, a simple wooden bench makes the perfect spot to plop down, read a book, sip some coffee and enjoy the brisk fall weather. This bench was a side-of-the-road find that I gave new life with a lot of sanding and a few coats of modern, gray paint. Other seating options you could add include a porch swing or classic wicker chairs.

Create levels
Whether on your porch or on your dining room table, any display looks better when your items are displayed at varying levels. Lifting up a pumpkin on a couple of wood stumps and placing one plastic pumpkin planter on a plant stand adds dimension to the entire front porch display.

Extra touches
The little extra touches make all the difference. Simple white mini lanterns add a little something extra and go with the fall theme.

A Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleafA Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleaf

Next on the list is to figure out how to transition fall porch décor to holiday décor without getting rid of everything. I feel so sad throwing out pumpkins every year after Thanksgiving when they’re still perfectly good. If you have any tips for ways to transition your porch décor into the holiday season, please share!

A Bright & Happy Fall Front Porch | redleafstyle.com

Get in the fall mood with these 21 reasons fall is the best season.

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21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season | redleafstyle.com

Fall is here! Bring on the fall boots and pumpkin spice lattes. The pumpkins and gourds. The apple cider and cozy scarves.

We have to celebrate this season because it’ll be gone before you know it. Somehow Christmas seems to get closer every year and crowd the fall season out.

You probably don’t need a list of reasons to love fall, but just for fun, here are 21 reasons this time of year is the best.

1. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins
You can’t have fall without pumpkins. Whether you’re picking one from a pumpkin patch or grabbing them at your local grocery store, they’re the ultimate décor to dress up your house or porch.

2. Unconventional pumpkins
It’s not just about the orange pumpkins anymore. You can easily find green pumpkins, white pumpkins, warty pumpkins and striped pumpkins. (Did I sound like Dr. Seuss there?) Display a variety of pumpkins on your front porch or fireplace mantel for a cornucopia-like spread of gourds.

3. Going apple picking
If you live near an apple orchard, fall is prime time to go apple picking. Wander through the trees filling up your bushel with different apple varieties and finish off your day with a cup of fresh pressed apple cider.

If you’re in the Kansas City area, check out Cider Hill Family Orchard. Not only does this orchard feature U-pick apples, apple cider and a pumpkin patch, but they also serve up the most amazing apple cider doughnuts.

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season | redleafstyle.com

4. Watching the leaves change color
What is it about those green leaves transforming into golden and red hues that we all love so much? Maybe it’s that they signal the changing of the weather? Or, that now’s the time to start looking forward to cozy nights, comforting food and a new season?

5. Buying a fall mum
These charming flowers will brighten up your front porch or balcony. Fall mums in pops of orange, yellow and burgundy are low-maintenance, cheery and they make a pretty addition to your fall décor. (If you needed a few more reasons, here are 17 reasons to love fall mums.)

6. Wearing a flannel shirt
When the weather turns crisp, don’t you just want to cozy up in a flannel shirt? It’s like wearing a blanket around. But looking stylish at the same time.

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season | redleafstyle.com

7. Taking brisk walks
There’s no better time to take a walk than when you feel a snap in the air. To me, it feels almost magical. Especially when the sky is crowded with clouds and it’s just breezy enough to send fallen leaves dancing along the street.

8. The sound of fallen leaves
Speaking of fallen leaves, you know the sound they make when they skitter across the ground on a windy day? Anybody else love that sound?

9. The light
Is there something different about the light? It’s all golden-y and soft during this season.

10. Decorating with fall leaves
Fall is the best time to bring nature indoors. The reds, oranges and yellows only come once a year and I like to enjoy them outside—and inside. (Here’s how I decorate with fall leaves.)

11. Eating (or decorating with) candy corn
Even if you can’t stand this super sweet candy, you can’t deny that it’s an iconic part of the fall season. For candy corn lovers and non-lovers alike, I have a couple of DIY projects featuring candy corn. Make these Mini Candy Corn Wreaths or your own Candy Corn Pumpkin Art. These projects are festive—and unexpected—additions to your fall décor.

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season | redleafstyle.com

12. Wearing scarves!
Scarf season is here! It’s time to wear scarves every day. Extra points if it’s knit or yellow.

13. Drinking pumpkin spice lattes
Chilly days call for pumpkin spice lattes. How can you have fall without the sweet taste of a pumpkin spice latte? It’s warm. It’s pumpkin-y, cinnamon-y and nutmeg-y. It’s a pumpkin pie in a drink.

14. Having a fire
Whether it’s in your fireplace or outside in a fire pit or campfire, fall is the perfect season to make a fire. Curl up in a blanket and let those flames mesmerize you on a chilly evening.

15. Front porch decorating
Show off your pumpkins and fall mums by creating a cute front porch display this fall. It doesn’t take much to transform your front entrance.

16. Pinecone projects
Decorating with pinecones not only adds fall spirit to your home, it’s super budget-friendly. Pick up a bunch of pinecones on a walk (or from your yard) and make this Pinecone Door Hanger. You can also add pinecones to mason jars or vases for a simple fall-themed table centerpiece.

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season | redleafstyle.com

17. Getting back into reading
If you fell off the reading wagon lately, fall is the perfect time to snuggle up under the covers with a good book.

18. The first sip of coffee on a cold morning
Coffee is delicious all year round. But when the air is crisp and you take that first sip out of a steaming mug, now that is perfection.

19. Crunching leaves
It’s not just the brilliant colors that make fall leaves so perfect. Bring out your inner kid as you crunch those fallen leaves under your boots.

20. Visiting the farmers market
Your local farmers market is showing off the best autumn produce right now. Shop the tables spread with apples, pumpkins and winter squash!

21. Camping
Maybe you love camping, maybe you don’t, but fall is the perfect season to head out into the great outdoors. The weather is cool enough to actually enjoy a campfire, but not so cold that you’re shivering all night. Break out your enamel cookware and vintage camping sets because now’s the time to go.

Enjoy the fall season while it lasts!

21 Reasons Fall is the Best Season | redleafstyle.com

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All Boxed Up

All Boxed Up | redleafstyle.com

My life is in boxes. Inside a big box.

All of my stuff has been wrapped up, boxed up, taped up and crammed into a storage unit. It’s better than the alternative, though.

I moved out of my rental house because of a mold issue that made me sick. Even though my life is in boxes, I’m doing okay. And, don’t worry, I’m not actually living in a box. My twin sister has let me make her home my home for the time being.

But as a homebody who loves home decorating, home cooking and just hanging out at home, the boxed up lifestyle wasn’t easy at first.

All Boxed Up | redleafstyle.com

Feeling boxed in
It’s no secret that I love home decorating. I’m not really sure what to do with myself when I’m not jumping from one DIY project to the next. I need to be painting something, gluing something or cutting something.

My fingers are itching to rearrange furniture, revamp bookshelves and hang up art. I want to make messes. Try out crafts. And make pretty things.

It’s a little bit harder since I don’t have a home of my own. Although, I’m sure my sister would say she has plenty of home projects to give me!

All Boxed Up | redleafstyle.com

Getting out of the box
It’s funny how things have come full circle.

When I moved to Kansas City five years ago, I found a small apartment in the River Market, an eclectic community near downtown that’s close to restaurants, bars and—my favorite—the City Market farmers market. I moved further south to a rental house a couple of years later. Now I’m back in the River Market living in a townhouse with my sister.

Moving back to the River Market wasn’t the plan. But Kansas City is really blossoming right now; it’s seeing a kind of renaissance, especially in the River Market area, and I’m excited to be right in the heart of it.

For example, the KC Streetcar just opened with 10 stops connecting the River Market, downtown, midtown and their adjoining neighborhoods. It’s an incredibly progressive step toward not only modernizing the city, but also creating more connections for people and businesses. Already, the streetcar has opened up the downtown area and revived interest in the businesses and neighborhoods along the way.

I’ve tried a handful of new restaurants and attended dozens of events since the streetcar opened that I wouldn’t have otherwise. (As you can probably tell, I’m just a little excited about it. And it helps that I live near a stop.)

All Boxed Up | redleafstyle.com

Finding my own box
When I started writing this post, I was in the middle of packing. I was also house hunting with a vengeance. All I wanted was to find my dream house—right now—and not have to move in with my sister.

Low housing inventory and a sellers’ market squashed those dreams for the moment.

Even so, I’m comfortable where I’m at. Both mentally and physically. I can’t control everything despite trying and maybe this is where I’m supposed to be right now.

Besides a little frustration every now and then when I start looking for my Mod Podge® only to remember that it’s in the storage unit packed in who-knows-what box, I’m embracing the “now.”

(But I still can’t wait to unpack those boxes.)

All Boxed Up | redleafstyle.com

Cheers to not being in control and just embracing what comes.

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