Weekend Things: Photos, Thoughts & Happenings


This weekend, I played the recluse. My days were filled with cooking food, scrapbooking with what I had on hand and enjoying our first real—and probably last—snow of the season.

Winter is fading. I can feel it. Even though the air is still biting cold, it’s coming. I’m ready to start seeds and watch them grow. I’m looking forward to hunting morels. To being in the woods. To getting my hands dirty.


But for now, snow.

So, I stayed inside and made a mess. It felt really good to just have time to get creative. To flex my creative muscles. I was inspired to do a couple of projects that I’ll show you soon! Otherwise, I’ve been getting back into scrapbooking and trying to contain my hoard of paper from college, travels and everyday life.


I also received some beautiful postcards in the mail from The Noisy Plume. I spent probably too much time just moving them around to different spots. (I do that when I really like something.)

If you need some life-spiration, you should definitely check out The Noisy Plume. She makes me remember to appreciate the simple, the beautiful and the real.

plume_postcard plate_postcardhearts_scrapbooking

How was your weekend? Good? I sure hope so!

How to Style a Bar Cart (Practical but Pretty)


Besides the convenience of crafting a cocktail on demand, I like having a bar cart because it adds extra storage in a stylish way. The trick is to keep your bar cart from getting messy.


I see lots of pretty pictures and pins of fabulously styled bar carts. But I need mine to be practical as well as stylish. I use mine to store wine glasses, shot glasses, alcohol bottles and other odds and ends every day. My bar cart isn’t just for looking good in pictures. It adds extra storage space to my already bursting-at-the-seams kitchen.

Here are my tips for styling your bar cart for the everyday.

1. Use a tray


This simple wooden tray keeps my random assortment of shot glasses, wine glasses and mini liquor bottles looking organized. It corrals everything together, so items stay put.

2. Line up bottles


Bar carts have to have some booze, right? Well, the trick to keeping all of those bottles from looking messy is to line them up in  neat rows. So simple. But it makes a big difference.

3. Use containers


Containers, such as mason jars and bowls, are great for storing smaller items on your bar cart. For example, I use a mason jar to keep all my straws in order.


When it’s not in use, I also use a glass ice bucket to store wine corks.


That’s all it takes to keep your bar cart looking good every day.


Do you have a bar cart? How do you style it?

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New Year’s Resolutions for 2015


Every year I post New Year’s resolutions. (See previous years here: 2013 and 2014.) This year, I noticed that Red Leaf Style has evolved. Between the home solutions, tips and ideas, I’ve started adding more of my personality and style to the blog. I’m writing about travel, life and other randomness. That’s why this year, my resolutions aren’t just about home decorating. They’re about life in general. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

1. Be more in the moment


It’s time to slow down. Breathe. Take in the little moments. I spent too much of 2014 rush, rush, rushing. I’m happy and content where I am right now. I want to enjoy it. This year is all about not stressing over the small things. I encourage you to do the same.

2. Read more books


Nothing new in this resolution. But it’s a good one. I used to spend entire weekends devouring books. It’s time to recapture some of that bookworm nature. Today, I signed up for goodreads.com, a website that helps you keep track of the books you’ve read, as well as to check out book recommendations from others. Anybody tried it? How do you like it?

3. Write things down


This year I’m actually going to write things down. All of those thoughts from when I was half awake or ideas that sprout while I’m in the shower, I’m going to right them down—regardless of how ridiculous they might be.

4. Take more pictures


This year, I strive to take more pictures of everyday life. The simple things that I forget. Like my dog and I going on a walk. Or, those cookies I baked. My sister and I having lunch. I don’t want to miss capturing those sweet moments!

5. Write more


For a writer, I sure don’t do a lot of actual pen to paper time. My bookcases are littered with half-started or empty journals. This year, I want to finish one. Just one!


I love the fresh start that the New Year brings. It feels like you get a do-over; you know what I mean? What are your resolutions for the New Year? I’d really love to hear them!

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