DIY Rope-Wrapped Bottles for a Farmhouse Look

DIY Rope-Wrapped Bottles for a Farmhouse Look |

Every time the glass recycling bin is full and ready to take to the recycling center, a battle rages in my mind. ‘Couldn’t I do something with these bottles?’ ‘Will I need them for a future craft project?’ ‘I hate just getting rid of them, even if I am recycling them.’ ‘Is there a way to reuse them?’ Also, ‘Am I a hoarder?’ I never want to miss an opportunity to upcycle something. Who knows what beautiful project those sticky glass bottles could become? If you too are reluctant to part with items that you could potentially repurpose, reuse or upcycle into something amazing, I have a project for you. While you can’t save every glass bottle in your recycling bin, you can make (a few of) these DIY rope-wrapped bottles. Go grab a few lucky bottles from your bin and let’s get started. So, you already have your glass bottles, but you’ll also need rope and a hot glue gun. I used leftover rope from when I turned this old dresser drawer into a wine rack, but there was only enough to cover one bottle. I purchased this sisal rope from Home Depot to finish the other two bottles.

Glass Bottle Bracelet Holders

Corral all of your bracelets in one spot by reusing a glass bottle as a bracelet holder. The necks of glass bottles are the perfect size to line up your bracelets and watches. Several bottles create a quirky-cute jewelry display. Plus, you can see all of your baubles easily, which will make getting ready in the morning faster. I used a couple bottles I had on hand. (Please ignore the fact that I was too lazy to scrape off the residue from the label on one of them.) You could display your jewelry with any leftover bottle—wine bottle, beer bottle, jelly jar. Get creative! Would you use glass bottles to display your bracelets? What are you favorite ways to store your jewelry? Like this? Then you’ll love this Branch Jewelry Hanger and these 3 Uses For Vintage Jewelry. Related articles: Branch Jewelry Hanger DIY Cake Stand Jewelry Holder 3 Uses for Vintage Jewelry (Besides Wearing It!)

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