How To Arrange Flowers In Vintage Vases

I rarely buy flowers for myself. (I’m sure many of you can relate.) Even though they’re so pretty, flowers just don’t last long enough to justify the purchase. If I do have flowers around my pad, it’s because I snuck over to my neighbor’s yard and snipped a bloom or two. Hey, it’s a rental. They didn’t plant the flowers, so I don’t think they mind…hopefully. But, even that’s rare. So, when I do actually have flowers, I get super excited. They just make a room feel so…happy! Today’s my birthday and my sweet boyfriend bought me a bouquet. True to my vintage-loving self, I arranged the flowers in a couple of mason jars and a vase from a secondhand shop. Check out how I did it. The aisles at thrift stores and secondhand shops are usually overflowing with all sorts of vases—tall, skinny, round, glass, ceramic, you name it. Because I’m cheap, I always buy vases ast secondhand shops. I love the eclectic assortment…and the price. Most run $1 or less. I got the cute milk glass vase pictured above at a secondhand shop. I love taking a large bouquet and splitting up the flowers into several smaller vases.

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