Do-It-Yourself Fabric Wreath

For some reason I don’t (well, didn’t) own a Christmas wreath. Too many moves in too few years, and too tight a hold on my wallet, are likely the causes. This year though, it was time for a wreath. My door looked all sad and lonely and “bah hum bug-y” without one. As you’ll see if you stick around here at Red Leaf Style, I’m kind of a crazy person about making my own décor. Or, at least finding it for cheap at secondhand shops and thrift stores. So, of course I wasn’t just going to buy a wreath. Gosh. I was going to make one. Preferably in the least expensive way possible. After a little thinking (Pinterest searching), I decided to make my own fabric wreath. (Copy this wreath.) It seemed relatively easy and didn’t require a lot of supplies. I assembled everything I needed through trips to secondhand stores. Budget Breakdown: Straw wreath form: $1, D.A.V. Green and red checkered fabric & red corduroy: $7, Re-Runs Vintage Apparel, Kansas City (I dug these pieces of fabric out of a huge box.) Green fabric (Was originally an Old Navy shirt.): $2.09, Goodwill Ribbon: $0.50, Goodwill Total: About $11 Could I just buy a

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