How to Reuse Old Calendars to Make Cute Framed Art on the Cheap

How to Reuse Old Calendars to Make Cute Framed Art on the Cheap |

Inside: Walls looking bare? Discover a fun way to reuse old calendars and make wall art to decorate your home. When I was in college, my university hosted a huge poster sale in the union every August. Excited freshman would pore over tables filled with posters of witty sayings, iconic images and attractive dead celebrities. (Marilyn Monroe, anyone?) We’d turn to each other and ask, “Do you think this Eiffel Tower is more ‘me’? Or, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” Little did I know, so many better do-it-yourself options existed to cover the grimy cinder block walls in my dorm room than posters. Options that were more ‘me.’ But I was still a decorating newbie. Thinking I needed to buy in-style posters (Were they ever, really?) like everyone else to decorate my space. Now, I know better. Truth is, I didn’t need to buy anything at all. Now, I nearly always look for a do-it-yourself solution before buying new. Whether I want to spruce up a bare wall in a hallway or add some artwork to a shelf display. Because when you create your own art, do a DIY project, or repurpose something in a new way, it feels

How to Repurpose Old Calendars into Bookmarks

How to Repurpose Old Calendars into Bookmarks |

Inside: Want a good way to reuse those old wall calendars? This creative craft project demonstrates how to repurpose old calendars into bookmarks. Don’t toss out last year’s calendar just yet. You can repurpose those dated calendars into bookmarks. Because bookmarks are one of those things that always seem to get lost. Like keys, socks and your mind when you’re trying to find said keys, socks and bookmarks. Where do they GO? Book lovers know you can never have too many bookmarks. So, why not easily create your own bookmarks from that calendar you were going to throw in the trash? Besides keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfill, making your own bookmarks may also help you keep that New Year’s resolution of reading more this year. A pretty bookmark may be all the incentive you need to crack open a few more books. Get ready to turn those pages. (And not lose your spot). Here’s a step-by-step tutorial showing how to repurpose old calendars into bookmarks. Every year, my mom buys me a couple of wall calendars for Christmas. And every year in January, my eco-conscious heart hates to toss out the old ones, even if I am putting