Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day | redleafstyle.com

Every year I receive a red rose from a man. He’s not my boyfriend.

Don’t worry, so does every other woman in my office.

Every Valentine’s Day, this guy comes in with his bag of fresh red roses and hands out one to each lady in the office. It’s a sweet tradition that I look forward to every year. He’s definitely the most-liked person in the office on February 14, and every women is a little bit more smiley than usual with our roses displayed on our desks in paper coffee cups and random thermoses.

(My honey deserves a mention, too. The bouquet of a dozen red roses and one bright yellow one I found on my dresser this morning definitely beat out the single one I get at the office.)

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day was as sweet as mine.

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7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her)

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

Don’t be the one who gives the boring, cheesy or lazy Valentine’s Day gift this year. Because nothing feels like your loved one didn’t try like a box of going-stale generic chocolates from the drugstore, am I right?

Whether you’re giving gifts to your significant other, friends or family members, skip the greeting cards, boxed chocolates and stuffed bears this Valentine’s Day.

Instead, with a little do-it-yourself effort, you can turn everyday items that your loved ones will actually use into Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are seven ideas.

1. Natural and organic beauty products

Give your loved one a fancy lotion, soap, shampoo, moisturizer or other beauty product. I’m not talking Suave® here. Think more natural and organic products that feel spa-like. (My favorite natural brands that you can easily find at your local Target are Acure, Alba Botanica, Pacifica, S.W. Basics and Yes to.) Make the gift feel Valentine’s Day-themed by tying a red ribbon and twine around the bottle.

2. Everyday essentials in a cute container

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

Whether you’re gifting a few beauty products or another assortment of items, like a coffee mug and a package of locally-roasted organic coffee, tie the items together by placing them in a cute basket, crate or bucket (like this IKEA bucket.) Be sure to choose a container that you think the recipient will use again. That’s part of the gift!

3. Health gifts to feel good

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

Give your significant other health items that will make her feel good. Maybe she’s been meaning to take more vitamins, for example. Gift her fish oil, a women’s multivitamin or a probiotic. (Again, tie a red ribbon around the bottle to make it festive for Valentine’s Day.) And, be sure to opt for high-quality vitamins. Check out Whole Foods, Sprouts or Trader Joe’s.

4. Tea for comfort

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

Another feel good gift is tea. Whether loose leaf or in bags, tea is warming, comforting and uplifting. Make the gift feel special by checking out a local health food store or tea shop. You’ll be more likely to find something besides the regular brands you see in grocery stores.

Or, opt for a different type of tea (black, green, white, herbal) than he normally drinks. Or, a brand she hasn’t tried before. As a diehard black tea drinker, I never would have guessed that I’d love herbal bedtime teas, but they’re my favorites right now. The go-tos in my mug are Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief and Yogi Bedtime tea.

And, if you want to add-on to the gift, give a related item, like a small plate for his tea bag or a tea infuser so she can try loose leaf tea.

5. A plant (or two)

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

A bouquet of flowers is fun, but gifting a plant is even better. Plants brighten up a space, clean the air and they last longer than a dozen roses. (If you need ideas for what plant to buy, here are my five favorite low-maintenance houseplants.)

6. Fill a mason jar

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

This is a simple gift idea that still feels special. Fill a mason jar (or two) with her favorite candy or nuts. It’s a two-in-one gift.

7. A favorite wine or beer

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

Gift your loved one a favorite bottle of wine or a pack of beer. It seems simple, but if it’s a brew he’s been meaning to try or a wine you think she might like, the thought really does count. Be sure to tie on a red ribbon for that extra thoughtful touch.

7 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (For Him & Her) | redleafstyle.com

Don’t stress out about a Valentine’s Day gift. These simple, yet thoughtful, gift ideas are all you need.

(This is not a sponsored post. Any product recommendations, thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.)

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Get Organized: A Collection of Home Organization Tips & Ideas

Get Organized: A Collection of Home Organization Tips & Ideas | redleafstyle.com

If your new year’s resolution was to finally get organized, don’t give up on that resolution just yet. (Statistics show that 80 percent of people who make a new year’s resolution Jan. 1 won’t stick with it by Valentine’s Day.)

Get your whole house in order with my favorite strategies, tips and ideas for home organization. I’ll give room-by-room organization tips, plus cute storage ideas.

From the bathroom to the office, here’s how to finally clear the clutter and get organized.

5 Ways to Use Wooden Boxes for Storage

We all need to store stuff. Why not make it look good at the same time? Wooden boxes are one of my favorite creative storage solutions that serve a purpose and look attractive. You can pile just about anything in them and they make a jumbled mess of stuff much more easy on the eyes.

Try these creative ways to use wooden boxes for storage.

Stylishly Organize Your Home With Vintage Tins

We often associate “storage” with dumpy, bulky plastic tubs and containers. When you work so hard to fill your home with items that fit your style, you might wonder why can’t storage do its job and look good too? It can! Keep your home looking stylish by corralling all of those stray items—mail, batteries, office supplies—in easy-to-come-by vintage tins.

See why vintage tins make the best storage.

5 Fun Storage Solutions for Your Desk

If you don’t have a lot of drawer space in your desk or home office, it’s hard to stay organized. See how I solved this problem with these five desk storage solutions that work well and look good too!

See the desk storage solutions.

Try This: Old Toolbox to Craft Caddy

Organizing craft supplies isn’t easy. From ribbon to pens to tape, craft supplies tend to be small, awkwardly shaped and plentiful. See how I used an old toolbox to corral my craft supplies into a convenient craft caddy.

Make your own cute craft caddy.

7 Handy Bathroom Organization Tips

Bathrooms tend to be difficult rooms to keep organized. Shampoos, soaps, lotions and the tons of other products we use daily easily get scattered about. Tweezers, nail files and hair ties end up anywhere but where you can find them. If you’re anything like me, keeping your bathroom clutter-free will seriously reduce your stress level when you’re trying to get ready in the morning.

Keep your bathroom tidy.

I hope these ideas help you get organized. Decluttering always clears my mind and helps me feel inspired.

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