New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

New Year's Resolutions for 2017 |

Like many of us, a lot of my New Year’s resolutions tend to carry over year to year.

The ones that never seem to leave my list are: Write more. Read more. Enjoy more. Slow down.

While all of these goals still hold true this year, I have just one resolution for 2017. One oh-so-simple resolution that will hopefully reduce my stress, help me get organized and keep me sane.

Before I tell you what my resolution is for the coming year, I want to reflect on all of the happy things 2016 brought. Because despite everything, it was a good year!

New Year's Resolutions for 2017 | redleafstyle.comNew Year's Resolutions for 2017 |

This year I traveled to Iceland. Iceland! Slept on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, soaked in the ice blue sulfur waters of the Blue Lagoon, ate the best fish soup of my life.

And that wasn’t my only adventure. I kayaked; hiked; camped. Trout fished at a spot I hadn’t been to since I was a kid.

I may not have purchased my own house like I wanted this year, but I helped my sister transform her home. Painted two bathrooms. Completely remodeled the laundry room. And finished countless other little projects.

In 2016, I stepped out more. Went to the Kansas City Symphony. Headed out to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on Third Thursdays. Checked out books from the library.

I may not have hit every goal I had, but I made it one good year. Here’s to 2016!

New Year's Resolutions for 2017 | redleafstyle.comNew Year's Resolutions for 2017 |

When we don’t meet our New Year’s resolutions, those niggling feelings of inadequacy and frustration creep in. But don’t let them. Maybe you didn’t meet last year’s resolutions. Don’t beat yourself up. The whole idea of making resolutions is that you’re trying to better yourself as a person. And that starts with caring enough to make resolutions. Go you!

New Year's Resolutions for 2017 | redleafstyle.comNew Year's Resolutions for 2017 |

So to stay on that path of bettering myself, my New Year’s resolution for this year is to finally organize all of my papers. I’m a paper hoarder. I have stacks of airline tickets from travels, stickers, postcards and so much more. This year I’m finally going to get all of those paper memories sorted, organized and put into scrapbooks or notebooks.

Cheers to 2017!

New Year's Resolutions 2017 |

(Here are my past New Year’s resolutions: 2015, 2014 and 2013. Apparently, I wasn’t feeling up to resolutions in 2016.)

Share your New Year’s resolutions with me by commenting!

All Boxed Up

All Boxed Up |

My life is in boxes. Inside a big box.

All of my stuff has been wrapped up, boxed up, taped up and crammed into a storage unit. It’s better than the alternative, though.

I moved out of my rental house because of a mold issue that made me sick. Even though my life is in boxes, I’m doing okay. And, don’t worry, I’m not actually living in a box. My twin sister has let me make her home my home for the time being.

But as a homebody who loves home decorating, home cooking and just hanging out at home, the boxed up lifestyle wasn’t easy at first.

All Boxed Up |

Feeling boxed in
It’s no secret that I love home decorating. I’m not really sure what to do with myself when I’m not jumping from one DIY project to the next. I need to be painting something, gluing something or cutting something.

My fingers are itching to rearrange furniture, revamp bookshelves and hang up art. I want to make messes. Try out crafts. And make pretty things.

It’s a little bit harder since I don’t have a home of my own. Although, I’m sure my sister would say she has plenty of home projects to give me!

All Boxed Up |

Getting out of the box
It’s funny how things have come full circle.

When I moved to Kansas City five years ago, I found a small apartment in the River Market, an eclectic community near downtown that’s close to restaurants, bars and—my favorite—the City Market farmers market. I moved further south to a rental house a couple of years later. Now I’m back in the River Market living in a townhouse with my sister.

Moving back to the River Market wasn’t the plan. But Kansas City is really blossoming right now; it’s seeing a kind of renaissance, especially in the River Market area, and I’m excited to be right in the heart of it.

For example, the KC Streetcar just opened with 10 stops connecting the River Market, downtown, midtown and their adjoining neighborhoods. It’s an incredibly progressive step toward not only modernizing the city, but also creating more connections for people and businesses. Already, the streetcar has opened up the downtown area and revived interest in the businesses and neighborhoods along the way.

I’ve tried a handful of new restaurants and attended dozens of events since the streetcar opened that I wouldn’t have otherwise. (As you can probably tell, I’m just a little excited about it. And it helps that I live near a stop.)

All Boxed Up |

Finding my own box
When I started writing this post, I was in the middle of packing. I was also house hunting with a vengeance. All I wanted was to find my dream house—right now—and not have to move in with my sister.

Low housing inventory and a sellers’ market squashed those dreams for the moment.

Even so, I’m comfortable where I’m at. Both mentally and physically. I can’t control everything despite trying and maybe this is where I’m supposed to be right now.

Besides a little frustration every now and then when I start looking for my Mod Podge® only to remember that it’s in the storage unit packed in who-knows-what box, I’m embracing the “now.”

(But I still can’t wait to unpack those boxes.)

All Boxed Up |

Cheers to not being in control and just embracing what comes.

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This weekend, I played the recluse. My days were filled with cooking food, scrapbooking with what I had on hand and enjoying our first real—and probably last—snow of the season.

Winter is fading. I can feel it. Even though the air is still biting cold, it’s coming. I’m ready to start seeds and watch them grow. I’m looking forward to hunting morels. To being in the woods. To getting my hands dirty.


But for now, snow.

So, I stayed inside and made a mess. It felt really good to just have time to get creative. To flex my creative muscles. I was inspired to do a couple of projects that I’ll show you soon! Otherwise, I’ve been getting back into scrapbooking and trying to contain my hoard of paper from college, travels and everyday life.


I also received some beautiful postcards in the mail from The Noisy Plume. I spent probably too much time just moving them around to different spots. (I do that when I really like something.)

If you need some life-spiration, you should definitely check out The Noisy Plume. She makes me remember to appreciate the simple, the beautiful and the real.

plume_postcard plate_postcardhearts_scrapbooking

How was your weekend? Good? I sure hope so!