How to Reuse Old Calendars to Make Cute Framed Art on the Cheap

How to Reuse Old Calendars to Make Cute Framed Art on the Cheap |

Inside: Walls looking bare? Discover a fun way to reuse old calendars and make wall art to decorate your home. When I was in college, my university hosted a huge poster sale in the union every August. Excited freshman would pore over tables filled with posters of witty sayings, iconic images and attractive dead celebrities. (Marilyn Monroe, anyone?) We’d turn to each other and ask, “Do you think this Eiffel Tower is more ‘me’? Or, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” Little did I know, so many better do-it-yourself options existed to cover the grimy cinder block walls in my dorm room than posters. Options that were more ‘me.’ But I was still a decorating newbie. Thinking I needed to buy in-style posters (Were they ever, really?) like everyone else to decorate my space. Now, I know better. Truth is, I didn’t need to buy anything at all. Now, I nearly always look for a do-it-yourself solution before buying new. Whether I want to spruce up a bare wall in a hallway or add some artwork to a shelf display. Because when you create your own art, do a DIY project, or repurpose something in a new way, it feels

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes

How to Make An Easy and Stylish DIY TV Console with Wood Boxes |

Inside: Create an unexpectedly stylish DIY TV console to store your electronics. Wood boxes star in this super affordable repurpose project. This post contains affiliate links. Joanna Gaines would not approve of the jumbled maze of cords linking all of the electronic devices on the dresser we use as a TV stand. Because there’s nothing farmhouse chic about a knot of cords. As someone who chooses looks over function, I struggle with how to incorporate electronics into a room’s style. (Gimme a beautiful, impossibly uncomfortable tufted armchair over a bulky recliner any day.) If I had my way, the TV would magically appear when I need to binge watch The Crown and disappear when I want the living room to look like a picture in a magazine. But I’m no Harry Potter. And if I want to watch Game of Thrones, I need a TV. So, we recently mounted the TV on the wall. While the TV looked great, the old dresser that we used as the TV stand now sat awkwardly empty with just the DVD player and the Apple TV on it. Oh, and the mass of cords. I tried to fix the problem by styling the dresser

DIY Holiday Burlap Garland

You can certainly buy your own garland to hang over your mantle or wrap around your staircase railing this holiday season, but why not make your own? While garland made from real or artificial greenery is traditional, this ruffled burlap garland is more unexpected. And, it will add rustic charm to your holiday décor. Even better? You don’t need to be super crafty to make your own holiday burlap garland. It’s actually really simple. You’ll feel all cheery inside when you drape your completed DIY burlap garland along your staircase railing. Here’s how to make it. Made from 5-inch rolls of burlap fabric, there’s no cutting required. You’ll need just a few other supplies to get started. What you’ll need: – Burlap fabric roll (I used two rolls of 5 inch x 10 yards that I got at Walmart.) – String (a neutral color works best) – Safety pin – Scissors This is a great craft project to do while watching T.V. Once you get the hang of it, the repetition takes over, and you’ll be done before you know it! Step 1: Measure your string First, you need to determine how long you want your garland to be. The

Before & After: Wooden Bench Makeover

Before you hunker down for the winter, we still have a few nights left to enjoy the fall weather. I finished making over a wooden bench for my porch just in time. Cast off on the side of the road, this sad wooden bench was destined for the trash. See how I refurbished the bench—with a bit of sanding and a paint job—and gave it new life on my front porch. Abandoned in front of a house with a “free” sign taped to its front, this sweet little bench sat waiting for me to scoop it up. Its maroon paint was chipped and worn, but more in a neglected way than in the farmhouse style that’s so popular today. Despite its shabby paint and scratched up surface, the bench was sturdy. No broken legs or wobbly parts. It just needed a little TLC and a fresh paint job. Fixing this bench started with a lot of sanding. And more sanding. And taking a break when my hands hurt from all the sanding. And more sanding. The boards that made up the seat of the bench were so scratched and worn that I would have had to sand them away completely

How to Repurpose an Old Dresser Drawer into a Wine Rack

We’ve all seen repurposed dresser drawer projects. Turning an old drawer into a shelf. A dog bed. A planter. While I love all of these projects (anything old to new again is awesome in my book,) I wanted to try something a bit different. I racked (get it!) my brain for a repurposed dresser drawer project I hadn’t seen before. When I saw the wine bottles on my bar cart, inspiration hit. Turn an old dresser drawer into a wine rack. My dad gave me an old dresser drawer that, when flipped on its side, was the exact height to fit a few wine bottles. From there it took some trial and error to get the wine rack just right. I came up with this project when tasked with producing a repurposed dresser drawer project for the Summer 2016 issue of VintageKC magazine. I wanted to create a piece of décor that fit my style—and that I’d actually use. Sometimes it feels like so many of the DIY or craft projects you see in magazines or on Pinterest look neat but aren’t something you’d enjoy having around for years. I think my wine rack fits the bill. You’ll need to

How to Make Your Own Adventure (Sign)

Don’t you love when projects you decide to make and complete in 10 minutes turn out better than you could have ever expected? That’s what happened when I made this “adventure” sign. It’s just a piece of particleboard I found in a dresser drawer (for another DIY project that’s in the works,) some leftover Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in ironstone (from that same previous project,) and chalkboard paint. Making this simple sign couldn’t have been easier. I brushed on a swipe of milk paint and let it dry. I wanted that distressed look, so it didn’t matter that I didn’t have enough paint left to completely cover the board. Convenient! Then, I freehand drew “adventure” on the board using a pencil and then went over it with a small paintbrush and chalkboard paint. If you’re not comfortable freehanding the lettering, search “adventure sign” on Pinterest for some typography ideas. This simple DIY sign project cost next-to nothing and truly did turn trash into treasure. I was about to throw this piece of board into the fire pit when inspiration hit and I knew I could transform it into a fun sign. Lately, I’ve noticed I’m starting to gravitate toward

Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Get ready for spring with this make-your-own mason jar oil lamp. Great for the patio or deck, this mason jar oil lamp is a pretty way to light up your outdoor space—and keep the bugs away. It’s a fun project to get in the mood for spring! This mason jar oil lamp tutorial includes step-by-step instructions for assembling your mason jar oil lamp and tips for buying the right supplies. I had a hard time finding the correct supplies to actually get this mason jar oil lamp to work. Lucky you! I’ve worked out all of the kinks for you. I came up with this project when tasked with producing a mason jar-themed craft for the March 2016 issue of VintageKC magazine. As I researched for this project, I found that many of the mason jar oil lamp tutorials out there don’t provide a lot of instructions. Or, I couldn’t replicate their mason jar oil lamps at all. I tried many different combinations using olive oil, canola oil and multiple different types of wicks, and my mason jar oil lamp would only burn for a few seconds. My lack of success made me wonder about the reliability of the tutorials. Maybe

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