All-Natural Wood Scratch Remover

If your wood chairs, stools and end tables are anything like mine, they have their fair share of nicks, scratches and dings. Moving, pets and just everyday use take their toll. While I don’t mind—and even like—my furniture to look a little worn in and distressed, with certain pieces, especially bare wood, scratches are a bit unsightly. Luckily, you probably already have everything you need to touch up the scratches in your wood furniture in your kitchen cabinets. Here’s my recipe for an easy peasy all-natural wood scratch remover that you can make right now. I love making homemade cleaning supplies from natural ingredients. You don’t have to guess what’s in them. And, when you’re the one making them, you know that there’s nothing harmful for you, your pets or kids. Making your own homemade cleaners is also more budget-friendly. For this all-natural wood scratch remover, you need just two inexpensive ingredients: white vinegar and oil. While you can use whatever oil you like—olive, walnut or almond—canola oil is a great option because it’s super inexpensive. What you’ll need: – White vinegar – Oil (canola or olive oil) – Jar To make this all-natural wood scratch remover, simply combine about

15 Ways to Clean With Baking Soda

Do you have a box of baking soda in your cupboard? Lucky you. You won’t ever need to spend money on chemical-filled cleaning products again. That humble little box holds the ingredient to clean, refresh and deodorize your entire home—and it’s completely natural. Conventional cleaning products on the market today expose us to a lot of scary ingredients, including toxins linked to asthma, allergies, cancer and a slew of other health issues. For a healthier home, use baking soda to clean, well, pretty much everything. Here are just fifteen uses. 1. Scrub stainless steel Once I discovered this easy method to clean my stainless steel sink, I’ve never used anything else. All I do is shake a layer of baking soda onto the bottom of the sink. Then, I turn on the faucet for about one second, or just long enough to make the baking soda slightly damp. The water and baking soda mix together to form a paste, which I scrub into the sink using a rag. Every time I do this, I’m amazed by the shiny transformation pulled off by just a little baking soda and water. You have to try it! 2. Absorb odors Plain ol’ baking

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