Mini Candy Corn Wreaths

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths |

Don’t devour that whole bag of candy corn just yet. You might want to save some to make these cute mini candy corn wreaths.

This simple home décor project transforms the iconic Halloween treat into fall décor for your home. Add a touch of festivity (and fun!) to your Halloween or fall displays with these super simple wreaths. And, because they’re not too Halloween-themed, you can even keep them up through Thanksgiving.

Dress up your house with these festive mini candy corn wreaths. Here’s how to make them.

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths |

You’ll need just a few supplies to get started. The main supplies are just candy corn and mason jar lids. (You’ll also need your trusty hot glue gun.)

What you’ll need:
– Candy corn
– Mason jar lids (I used Wide Mouth lids.)
– Hot glue gun
– Twine

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths |

Making a mini candy corn wreath is pretty straightforward. Simply, start hot gluing your candy corn kernels around the top of the rim. (I used Wide Mouth mason jar rims.) Arrange the kernels so that they all face in the same direction. Doing so will keep the wreath looking uniform instead of haphazard. Angle the kernels slightly. This ensures that you fully cover up the lid.

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths |

Once you’re done gluing kernels along the rim, repeat the same steps for the outside of the rim.

Finally, add a loop of twine, so you can hang your mini wreath.

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths |

You could make a larger wreath using a flat wreath form or craft ring, but those little kernels take a while to glue. I found Wide Mouth mason jar rims to be the perfect size because I could make more than one wreath without spending my entire Saturday doing it.

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths | redleafstyle.comMini Candy Corn Wreaths |

I hung up my wreaths in the kitchen on three wooden crates. But these mini candy corn wreaths will make a sweet addition to any fall display in your home. Arrange them in a display on your tabletop with gourds and pumpkins. Or, hang them on your walls as seasonal art. They’d look especially good in a small grouping of three or four.

Mini Candy Corn Wreaths |

If you store your mini candy corn wreaths carefully, you should be able to use them next season. (And if a candy corn kernel happens to pop off, just hot glue it back on.)

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  1. vicki
    October 4, 2016

    Way to use up that ‘vintage’ candy 🙂 They turned out really cute!!

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