Featured on Better Kansas City: May 2015


This morning, I was invited to demonstrate how to make wall art using embroidery hoops on Better Kansas City, a local lifestyle T.V. show on KCTV5.

This is the second time I’ve gotten to showcase a project on Better Kansas City! I like to show easy do-it-yourself projects that anyone can make. Requiring just fabric, embroidery hoops and scissors, this project is about as easy as it gets.

Watch how to make fabric embroidery hoop art below.


Do you think the T.V. segment went well? My favorite part of this project is that it’s so easy-to-change. I’m always moving items around my house and rearranging the furniture, so what I love so much is that as soon as you get tired of the fabric, just change it! I hope that came across.


T.V. is a different medium than I’m used to, but I like how it offers an opportunity to show projects in a more hands-on way.

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