DIY Tiered Tray: 5 Different Ways


This tiered tray is one of my favorite do-it-yourself projects ever because of its simplicity—and its dramatic end result.

Making your own tiered tray is about as easy as it gets. You simply glue two plates to opposite ends of a candlestick holder using adhesive glue. That’s really it!

For full instructions, check out my original tiered tray stand, or watch this video where I explain how to make a tiered tray on Better Kansas City, a local lifestyle T.V. show on KCTV5 in Kansas City.

What you’ll need:
– Two plates (one large, one small)
– One candlestick holder
– Adhesive glue (I use Amazing Goop, which you can find at craft stores.)

Use plates you already own or check thrift stores and secondhand shops. Finding cute plates at secondhand stores is really easy. I had a fun time shopping around for different options to show you. Since it’s springtime, I went in search of floral plates and I love the different ones I found.

There’s a lot you can do with a tiered tray. Here are a five different variations!

1. Mismatched tray stand


This is actually my favorite tiered tray stand look. Mix-n-match two plates that don’t have the same pattern. The look works if you choose two plates with a similar theme, like florals. The plates will still look like they “go” together, even if they don’t “match.” The plates above go together because they both have hints of gold and a similar-colored floral design.

2. Matching Tray Stand


If you’re more into the coordinated look, then scope out a smaller and larger plate that match. It’s easier than you might think to find matching plates of different sizes at secondhand stores and thrift shops. It took me just a couple minutes of digging to spot these two.

3. Bowl tray stand


Another option for a tiered tray stand is to use a shallow bowl for one or both tiers. The bowl is great for holding dips for parties or get-togethers. I like the idea of using the shallow bowl on the top tier. That way you can line the bottom tier with crackers, chips or veggies and have your dip up top.

4. Cake stand


Instead of two tiers, just add one and you have a cake stand! I can’t stop picturing a cluster of three of these cake stands displaying different types of cakes on a party table. It would make the desserts just show-stoppingly pretty. And cake stands are expensive. This project isn’t!

5. Jewelry tray stand


You’re not limited to just breaking out your tiered tray stand for parties. Use it all the time as a jewelry holder. Just set the tiered tray stand on a dresser and lay out your jewelry. It’ll make your morning routine way easier when you can see all your jewelry options right there.

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