Weekend Things: Photos, Thoughts & Happenings


This weekend, I played the recluse. My days were filled with cooking food, scrapbooking with what I had on hand and enjoying our first real—and probably last—snow of the season.

Winter is fading. I can feel it. Even though the air is still biting cold, it’s coming. I’m ready to start seeds and watch them grow. I’m looking forward to hunting morels. To being in the woods. To getting my hands dirty.


But for now, snow.

So, I stayed inside and made a mess. It felt really good to just have time to get creative. To flex my creative muscles. I was inspired to do a couple of projects that I’ll show you soon! Otherwise, I’ve been getting back into scrapbooking and trying to contain my hoard of paper from college, travels and everyday life.


I also received some beautiful postcards in the mail from The Noisy Plume. I spent probably too much time just moving them around to different spots. (I do that when I really like something.)

If you need some life-spiration, you should definitely check out The Noisy Plume. She makes me remember to appreciate the simple, the beautiful and the real.

plume_postcard plate_postcardhearts_scrapbooking

How was your weekend? Good? I sure hope so!

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